Did Trump Speech Convince Skeptics? | The View

  • Published on:  1/9/2019
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  • Is Megan jealous of Alexandria? That girl got elected at such young age without a daddy in politics!

  • kathi smith 25 days ago

    pc cc she knows what it’s like to be poor.

  • John The Mighty 6 months ago

    Arslan Ahmed you’re a pig. Grow up

  • Alan CordoBa 6 months ago

    Meghan misses the point EVERY single time.

  • Dave Ponsford 5 months ago

    mattris matt I'm glad you will no longer reply as your circular argument isn't that impressive. Laws discourage bad behavior, except if you're talking guns then it doesn't. You make my point better than I can. Let's do nothing to reduce gun violence because a few people might get upset it affects their toys.

  • mattris matt 5 months ago

    ​@Dave Ponsford "Bad guys don't care about laws, so why have any laws?" I already answered this: Laws discourage bad (reckless, dangerous, destructive, disruptive) behavior for the betterment of society. Breaking laws usually results in punishment... if you are caught, of course. Fewer 'bad guys' exist because of laws. For example: Why do we hear of so few home invasions and 'hold-ups' in gun-friendly areas of the country? Answer: People are allowed to own guns and use them to protect themsel...

  • Ziggy Stardust 6 months ago

    She's heckling you Meghan. In case you're still wondering. ☕️🐸

  • Cameron Brown 6 months ago

    Frankly, I’m tired of hearing “if Democrats want to win in 2020, blah blah blah!” Do republicans genuinely consider 2016 a “win”?

  • Melon Sauce 6 months ago

    @Jeff Fowler He was the first black man in office. What else was to be expected?

  • Moonlit 6 months ago

    Thank you!👍🔥💯

  • ToxikCupcakez 6 months ago

    Well Obama did have the highest # of deportations but I don’t recall cages being involved.

  • Jim Caponzi 3 months ago

    @George Chachati Haha no collusion, oh wait there was collusion on Obama and Hillarys part.. BUILT THE WALL TRUMP 2020

  • George Chachati 3 months ago

    Build the wall Trump 2020

  • booshaw24 6 months ago

    When trump mentions African- Americans and Hispanics, I always cringe, anyone else get that reaction?

  • ned pod 6 months ago

    @Sarah Lane Thank You Sarah !

  • Sarah Lane 6 months ago

    @ned pod just got it. I must say I appreciate your willingness to apologize. When I'm wrong online I always apologize. Most people don't. I've never understood that. Ones ability to admit their own flaws speaks volumes of their maturity. So Thank you for showing me some people do still have dignity. 😀

  • Ignacio Jorajuria 6 months ago

    I'm sick of Meghan telling democrats how to win elections, and her obsessión with AOC.

  • wayne hobby 6 months ago

    I dont understand why she is still on the show. She has a negative spirit that you see everytime she walks out.

  • ray fish 6 months ago

    rpatten78 so you mean to tell me in the days before Obama the Republicans were cool with legalisation of marijuana? Lol.. this was before the new millennia and we had Bush for 8 years. Before that was 8 years of Clinton.. so you tell me in those 16 years.. where did you see his opportunity..

  • IceMoonPetal 6 months ago

    Meghan is TERRIFIED of Alexandra Ocasio Cortez.

  • Armyvet22 6 months ago

    I guess these View butches haven't watched past videos of Obama and Clinton where they are actually calling for barriers and quite against illegal immigration! There are over 60,000 plus citizens living on the streets of my state alone! Many have lost their jobs, their homes and some even their children to for-profit evil corrupt CPS organizations created by democratsUnder the Safe Child Act. There are over 400,000 children that have been ripped from the arms of their grieving parents across the...

  • Andrea Shields 6 months ago

    Why is Megan on this show?? You can represent your beliefs without being bitter & confrontational. Many have done it in the past. Ana Navarro handles herself beautifully. I just don’t understand why she’s still on this show.

  • Courtney Fleischman 6 months ago

    Every single episode is Megan saying: “but the Democrats....” “but Obama...” “but the liberals...”

  • Peach Quartz 6 months ago

    Every talking point Trump uses

  • Mic 6 months ago

    True Courtney