Paradise Palms Trap House - Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
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  • Trevor G4m3r
    Trevor G4m3r 11 months ago+142

    Which one you play on?
    Like = CONSOLE
    Comment = PC

  • Jaiden Geiger
    Jaiden Geiger 11 months ago+2

    👟that is ninja he is at 2hp 1 like= 1 hp what heath can we get him to 1comment=shield wht shield can we get him to

  • Funny Entertainment
    Funny Entertainment 10 months ago+4

    Would you rather have...
    Like:Skull trooper/ghoul trooper
    Comment:galaxy skin

  • Hyrum_Hyrum
    Hyrum_Hyrum 11 months ago

    I had 9 kills and i lost to a omega
    Lucid dreams plays in the background

  • Blackout Best Moments
    Blackout Best Moments 11 months ago+803

    Letsss goooo!!! Cant wait to see your stream tommorow for Blackout beta! 😊😙😙

  • ぬるりんまる
    ぬるりんまる 10 months ago


  • Minni Boo
    Minni Boo 10 months ago+5

    Like If Ninja is The best

  • PY Gamerz
    PY Gamerz 11 months ago+1

    I have no subs
    I have no skills
    I have no fortnite

  • Yoshi Kane
    Yoshi Kane 11 months ago


  • MEH Awesome
    MEH Awesome 11 months ago+38

    What I see: A person rushing me
    What Ninja sees: A dead man

  • Dae dric
    Dae dric 11 months ago+2

    My pc broke and now i cant play on it and it will be years till i et another if by any tiny chance i would be so happy and carry on tryna be in esports

  • Cocoplays
    Cocoplays 11 months ago+2

    Nice vid bro!

  • Mr Odyssey
    Mr Odyssey 11 months ago

    Any comments on how this channel is gaining subs/money due to re-posting Ninja's vids.. 🤔

  • neil thompson
    neil thompson 10 months ago

    NINJAAAA! i am new to the channel and i am really enjoying the vids keep it up

  • Sam Tuimauga
    Sam Tuimauga 11 months ago+166

    Which Streamer are you
    Like it up and The last number is who you are
    1. Ninja
    2. Tfue
    3. Sypher
    4. Hamlinz
    5. Tim
    6. Dr Lupo
    7. Myth
    8. Poki
    9. Daequan
    10. Dakotaz

  • TheRealNothing P
    TheRealNothing P 11 months ago

    Gg Ninja you Killed me xD but you were on Stream Mode so i couldnt See your name

  • こんにちは赤ちゃん

    I'm a junior high school student in Japan. I always look your videos. You are so strong and cool‼

  • tha_ dstroyer21
    tha_ dstroyer21 11 months ago+3

    I really want a ninja pc but also I really want a pc in general

  • Paranotix Is God
    Paranotix Is God 11 months ago

    Ninja is a God with DrLupo and with everyone, including Ninja on his own!!!

  • Seungwon Ha
    Seungwon Ha 11 months ago+195

    LIKE= Drum gun
    Comment=Silenced Scar