Sri Lankan Food - SPICY OMELET CURRY + Exotic Fruit in Weligama, Sri Lanka!

  • Published on:  3/13/2019
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    Colombo to Weligama, Sri Lanka - On Day 2 of the Best of Sri Lanka Food Tour with The Hungry Tourist ( we had lunch first in Colombo, before driving to the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, near Weligama. Along the way, we stopped to taste a bunch of local Sri Lankan fruit, including plenty of delicious durian.

    Mayura Hotel - Northern Sri Lankan food - I had no idea what to expect this day, I didn’t even really know the plan other than driving to Weligama. But we first headed into the busy Pettah area of Colombo for some serious Sri Lankan food from Northern Sri Lanka. Along with serving banana leaf rice and curry with a variety of different curries and seafoods, they also specialized in spicy omelets. The food was incredibly delicious, all the different curries, wrapped up with rice, and smothered in spicy omelet.

    Weligama, Sri Lanka - The drive from Colombo to Weligama was about 2 hours, and once we arrived to the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, we noticed a truck full of durian. Durian is the King of Fruits, and anytime you see it, you have to stop. We stopped and ate a few durians, which were excellent and bought some to go as well. Just a few hundred meters up the road, we stopped again for another fruit stop to taste of of Sri Lanka’s bounty of fruit. Delicious.

    Zephyr Restaurant & Bar - Again for dinner, all I knew is that we were going to go to the beach and eat a meal on the beach. Zephyr Restaurant & Bar is actually quite a touristy restaurant, but Ruzaina had arranged a special local meal, including all southern Sri Lankan food. The meal was unbelievably good, dish after dish kept coming, including huge prawns and Sri Lankan crab. It was a meal to remember.

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