My EYESHADOW PALETTE Collection 2020 & Declutter | Part 1- 120 High-End Palettes!

  • Published on:  1/15/2020
  • Part 1 of my eyeshadow palette collection and I'll be decluttering along the way. I've been collecting for the past 7-8 years so I have a LOT to go through! :)
    120 palettes total in this video- 33 Decluttered, 87 Kept.

    (Links marked with an * are affiliate links)


    *Modern Renaissance Palette ($42)

    *Soft Glam Palette ($42)

    Master Palette by Mario (no longer available)

    *Norvina Palette ($42)

    *Sultry Palette ($45)

    Prism Palette (no longer available)

    *Subculture Palette ($42)

    *Jackie Aina Palette ($45)

    *Norvina Volume 1 Palette ($60)

    *Riviera Palette ($45)

    *Abh Custom Palette/singles ($12 each)


    Pro Metal Mini Palette (no longer available) *Declutter

    * Pro Matte Mini Palette ($28)

    *Venice Beach Palette ($16 on sale)

    *Malibu Palette ($24)

    * Santa Monica Palette ($16 on sale)

    Pirates of the Caribbean Palette (no longer available) *Declutter

    Unizipped Ocean Sunset ($16 at Nordstrom Rack) *Declutter

    Unzipped Desert Sunset (No longer available) *Declutter

    Pro to Go (no longer available) *Declutter

    California Dreamin’ Palette (no longer available)

    Unzipped Palette ($35)

    Pro 1 Palette ($39)

    Pro 2 Palette ($39)

    Pro 3 Palette ($39)

    Pro 4 Palette ($39)

    Unzipped Gold Palette ($35)

    Unzipped Brazen, Elegance, & Unfiltered ($25) *Decluttered 3

    Shine Bright palette ($35) *Declutter

    Mega Pro 3 ($59)

    Beauty & The Beast Palette (no longer available)

    Getaway Palette (no longer available) *Decluttered

    Refined Romance Palette (no longer available) *Decluttered


    Funfetti Palette (no longer available) *Decluttered

    Christmas In NY (no longer available) *Decluttered

    Hot Buttered Rum

    Sugar Cookie & Tickled Peach (no longer available)

    Gingerbread Spice ($49 only at QVC)

    Gingerbread Extra Spicy ($49 only at QVC)

    Natural Love (no longer available)

    Natural Lust ($59)

    Natural Eyes ($38)

    Natural Matte ($38)

    Just Peachy Mattes ($45)

    White Peach ($45)

    Chocolate Bon Bons ($44)

    Sweet Peach Palette ($49)

    Chocolate Gold ($49)

    Pretty Rich Palette ($49) *Declutter

    I want Kandee Palette (No longer available) *Declutter

    2019 Holiday Palette (no longer available)