Getting Recognized at Disneyland

  • Published on:  2/7/2018
  • I love running into fans, especially at Disneyland.Comment on an Instagram post if you came from this video! more Vlogtoons: | Get ItsAlexClark merch: Support our animations: with me on Discord: ItsAlexClark!Facebook: Website: I make these videos with:XP-PEN 22 HD: Starter Tablet: Cut Pro X: these Cheap lights: And attach them to this: Boom Harmony: of our music comes from Epidemic (30-Day Free Trial): More ItsAlexClark:Latest Uploads: Time Here? Stories: Dum’s Guide: Popular Videos: By a Team of rabbid monkeys trained by Alex + Chris TaniguchiChris's channel: by:Alex ClarkMail me packages and stuff: Alex ClarkP.O. Box 192022LA, CA 90019Email: sayhello (at) itsalexclark (dot) comWelcome to the coolest place on the internet, where you will find vlogs and stories both animated and in live action. I'm a comedian and cartoonist but I would give it all up if I could get paid to eat ice cream. Videos are always on Wednesdays and Saturdays sometimes more sometimes less.


  • Semmie 1 years ago


  • Finnnofinnn 5 months ago


  • Samiya Shaikh 11 months ago


  • sWooZie 1 years ago

    i could take u all in a dance contest

  • Michael Curtis 1 months ago

    sWooZie Swoozies who is this who is this who is this who is this who is this

  • Commander Mockingjay 3 months ago

    I would like to see you try. I will beat you with my default dance

  • PhilMusical 5 months ago

    Lucky kid got to meet Alex Clark on his birthday :D

  • Taylor Magestic 1 years ago

    I get recognized too, by my fans. You know the ones in my house I can even turn em off :)

  • Chef Kirby 28 days ago

    Didn’t you guys get the joke

  • VidBoom 2 months ago

    Hazelnut Oh, they're pretty turned off by you.

  • ViPeR Jiimpdog 4 months ago

    Kids : HELLO INTERNETMe: Oh hi Mark

  • I'm gonna go to disney WORLD :D

  • Adrian B 1 years ago

    I love your transitions from real world to cartoon!!!!

  • Adrian B 1 years ago

    don't panic! I fixed world, ty for catching that. :)

  • Mr Turtle 1 years ago

    Honestly I like transitions from Real WORD to cartoon

  • kurozen koozen 1 years ago

    Amazin 20/10

  • TFĆ RAFAMAGITISYT 1 months ago

    You watch Dragonball right?

  • Emily Keith 1 months ago

    Alex- we were just sitting back there with no seatbeltsJames- You are a disgrace.

  • nicole stone 1 years ago

    Kat gets a 10/10