Mase Speaks on Cam'ron Feud: If It Doesn’t Stop, It’s Gonna End Bad For Him

  • Published on:  12/6/2017
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  • Valeeda Davidson
    Valeeda Davidson 9 days ago


  • Obuile Bodigelo
    Obuile Bodigelo 4 months ago

    CTG clearly is bitter towards Mase.

  • Mikele Jones
    Mikele Jones 4 months ago+1

    Why is everybody worshiping Mase like he is a Messiah or Jesus. He ain't nothing .All he is is a filthy piece of scum with a wig on. He has the stability to diss Cam'ron yet 50 Cent scared his ass out of his own hood in 1999.Just listen to How to Rob. Mase needs to just shut up and sit down.

  • glitter2glaze21
    glitter2glaze21 5 months ago

    Sorry CTG I love Black Rob But he can't F with Ma$e! He railroaded Angie but it was best so he could air it out the way he did!

  • Shontrice Veal
    Shontrice Veal 8 months ago

    Mass is mad... cause he's gay and he's a hypocrite

  • Shontrice Veal
    Shontrice Veal 8 months ago+1

    Mass is a hypocrite

  • barbara amaro
    barbara amaro 8 months ago

    who's mostly Gucci down to the tube sox

  • Michele Cobré
    Michele Cobré 8 months ago

    Truth mase on some vague shit

  • ttabah
    ttabah 8 months ago

    Mase must have smashed CTG wife cuz i never seen him hate on anyone this much!

  • Jamm Minkie
    Jamm Minkie 8 months ago

    There is nothing really that gangsta about his lyrics in some of this new stuff on youtube. Clever shit is all here nothin that bad at all.

  • Alicia Brisby
    Alicia Brisby 8 months ago

    Charlemagne and Envy some hoes peeiod... That Mase interview was truthful and insightful

  • arabion knights
    arabion knights 9 months ago

    needs to let it go..
    he is acting like a know it all..

  • Good Guidance Everything

    somebody need to smack the shit out of charlamagne .... i don't understand all these gangsters supposedly come up here but, nobody bark... how gangster is that letting another man clown the shit out of you on air... and its not jokes these are shots being thrown... dame dash put him in their place... all of em.. sonned the shit out of them

  • _pOeTz
    _pOeTz 9 months ago+1

    The only way it can end bad is if Mase kills Cam and we all know that isn’t going to happen so 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Stafford Stafford
    Stafford Stafford 9 months ago

    Char hates mase and Safari

  • adele banks
    adele banks 9 months ago

    But stg act like Mase been a pastor all his life 🤔 you forgot he was a rapper before being a "pastor" it's not like he's td Jake's now. Would be like when pastors turned gangster but Mase stop it ...

  • dkd
    dkd 9 months ago

    Them boys mistaken his kindness for weakness ..

  • Ricardo Duncan
    Ricardo Duncan 9 months ago

    Can someone kill ctg

  • jose Tavares
    jose Tavares 9 months ago

    Mase railroaded himself

  • Talib Moore
    Talib Moore 9 months ago

    ctg better stop instigating...saw what lil kim did.