Secret Geniuses - The Office US



  • Donovan Chiazzese 8 months ago

    It's so rewarding to see those very brief moments when Michael is a competent and charismatic man. It's like he finally uses what he knows in a proper way

  • AltF4Gaming 6 hours ago

    You always have to remember, that Michael was one of Dunder Mifflins best salesmen. He always connects to business partners on more than just a business level, but makes it really personal. Every time he deals with one he takes a lot of time for him, with the best example shown here.Michael isn't an idiot and never was. He is just a victim of his own success in a way.

  • Daniel Villagomez 10 days ago

    Reminds me of Patrick in spongebob when he has his brief moments of genius.

  • ItsFadedXD 1 months ago

    I loved how Stanley straight up told Jim he wasn't a side character.

  • Kantalopie 2 days ago

    @Meenakshi Thadani Season 8 Episode 11

  • Josh Wah? 4 days ago

    @Juan He said season and episode...

  • PandaArmy 19 8 months ago

    Why wasn’t Kevin’s pie intelligence in there

  • Lily Crawford 8 days ago

    The exact thing I thought when I saw the title

  • Zen Rhys 9 days ago


  • hotman718 6 months ago

    Jan is a terrible salesman. Michael was trying to befriend the guy before trying to make his sales pitch. Jan was trying to spend the whole dinner talking business. Michael waited for the right moment to make his pitch.

  • Daniel Villagomez 10 days ago

    Don't forget his sale during pretzel day. It is really cool how he does sales and don't forget how he messed with Dwight with his paper company.

  • DOnGlesS b0ne 12 days ago

    Of course Jans not a good salesman, shes a woman not a man

  • D. Sols 8 months ago

    Pam: “Are you ok what’s wrong?”Michael: “Everything is made in China Pam.”

  • Manav KC 9 days ago

    "No, no. That is right now." - Michael

  • Ajay Laxman 15 days ago

    "Thank God"- Kevin

  • Ani's Trash Can 8 months ago

    They’re like PBnJ....Pam Beesley and Jim...What a waste

  • Daniel Villagomez 10 days ago

    I actually didnt notice that till kevin said it. What a genius.

  • Slick S 2 months ago

    @TeamJella with a ship name? I'm sorry, but I still don't follow...

  • Ad3T 8 months ago

    'Toby was this your fun little way of congratulating us?' *UHYES*

  • Negan 2 months ago

    Remember when Toby started groping Pam in front of everybody?

  • Squashy Rasberry 2 months ago


  • Unipegga piggy 8 months ago

    "If you go fishing for a fluke, chances are, you just might catch one." ~Kevin

  • Funky Munky 27 days ago

    Honestly, I really liked that quote. It was so simple yet so wholesome. Just like Kevin

  • JustBeluga 2 months ago

    *Plot twist the YouTube account isn’t official but a really nice guy uploading it for them.*

  • Kenna Hoffman 7 hours ago

    Actually it’s mose. Or whatever his real name is.

  • Eleanor Shaw 12 days ago

    @REPRESSED TEARS it is the official one check the description

  • Liam Duggan 8 months ago

    That’s right Kevin is a genius J-e-n-e-u-sJeneus

  • Thai Food 8 days ago

    Billie Jeaneus

  • LinkIsHere 4 months ago

    *_Haha yeeeah boyeh_*