❝Badass Appearance & Personality❞ Subliminal

  • Published on:  7/20/2018
  • the results are listed below.

    - give no fucks about people's negative opinions
    - be able to roast people
    - become fearless and brave
    - savage attitude and personality
    - become a good fighter
    - win all arguments
    - impressive attitude
    - bear hate easily
    - extremely high intelligence
    - everyone respects you
    - become dominant
    - attract a badass boy or girlfriend
    - never age
    - strong and unbreakable confidence
    - make witty comebacks easily
    - skilled in everything you desire
    - be able to hide your emotions whenever you desire
    - never get judged for anything
    - have lots of friends who respect & adore you
    - attract support
    - attract lots of money, become a billionaire
    - attract desired makeup, jewelry and clothes
    - have a deep, sexy voice
    - plump, soft lips
    - desired body shape
    - desired height
    - desired weight
    - all the fat automatically goes to your breasts and butt
    - thin waist

    this subliminal includes a built-in booster and blockage removal.

    song : bts - 4 o'clock (lofi ver.)
    requests : CLOSED.