How to Snowboard Spin Trick / Front side 180 - Step 1

  • Published on:  11/3/2016
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    Stand on the flat ground without a board.
    And with your feet apart as if they were in the bindings on the board.
    Try to spin 90 in both directions first.
    And next, do two 90 in a row in the same direction.
    Once your balance is good, then next spin 180 in both directions.
    You can challenge yourself to spin more with a 270 and a 360.
    It’s to check your balance while spinning so don’t worry about how much you can spin.
    Just try to focus on your balance while spinning.

    This time try spinning a 180 while facing in the direction you’d face when riding on the slope.
    From here it will become more practical.
    Different eye directions might change your balance but just try to keep your balance centered while spinning.
    Rotate your hips as well as your shoulders and arms.
    Pulling your front arm behind helps to give your hips more rotation.
    Lock your eyes on forward.
    When you land, your chest might be facing backwards, sideways, or forward.
    If your chest is facing forward, then it’s the proper position to stop spinning because your upper body is pulling your hips back.
    So this is the result of the lower body rotating ahead of the upper body.
    This move is called Counter rotation.
    Counter rotation is also good for adding the last 90 degrees when you can’t spin enough.
    If you land with your chest facing to the side, it means that your whole body was able to spin nicely together.
    This is the most controlled state and it’s so easy to show your style with as well.
    If you land with chest facing backward, your upper body is still leading your hips to spin.
    So you are ready to challenge the spinning 360.
    But remember, it’s not easy to stop spinning on the slope.

    Now let’s spin with the board attached.
    Start with spinning while facing forward first.
    It will be harder to spin due to a heavier lower body this time.
    The key points are the hips.
    Even if you rotate your upper body, and your hips don’t get any momentum at all, your lower body won’t rotate.
    Your hips are located in between your upper and lower body so you can rotate your whole body if you can give momentum to your hips.
    So check your hip rotation when spinning 90 or more as well as your centered balance.
    Suck up your knees after the pop, then you will spin more.
    I will explain later why you can get more spin by sucking up the knees.
    Now you can try spinning a 180 or more with your knees up.

    Now let’s spin while facing the direction you would when riding the slope.
    Once again, keep focusing on your centered balance while spinning.
    Pop on both feet and at the same time try pulling your front arm behind so it will help to keep your hips rotating.
    Also you can rotate and pull your hind arm up harder to pull your whole body up straight, so you can prevent your body from leaning towards the heel side and from leaning too far backwards.
    Both of these motions for generating spin must be learned as a set.
    Suck up your knees after the pop so you will get more spin.
    Rotate your hips and keep your eyes forward.

    Try to jump off on the heel edge on purpose as it will be required on the slope.
    Generating spin with a flat base while sliding is hard because nothing is holding the snowboard on the snow.
    So making a small edge angle will be helpful for holding the board to rotate your body.
    Try standing straight on the heel edge as your hips are aligned over it.
    You don’t have to stand straight on the edge perfectly, but this feeling will help you spin nice and clean with a straight spin axis.
    It might be not easy in the beginning.
    So you can start from just jumping forward by standing straight on the heel edge.
    Memorize its balance with your muscles.

    You can practice this at your home just as a snowboard off season training!
    No matter if you are beginner snowboarder it's worth to do it!

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