Stellaris: 2.2 Mega Corp Update | Season 6 | - The Revelry Ep 5 (Competed)

  • Published on:  1/13/2019
  • CaptainShack and TheXpGamers Community take to the stars in Stellaris. The pirate captains have come together in an attempt to form a new government... The Revelry is made up of Captains, Generals, Admirals, and Station Commanders from the Patreon Community.

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    Plunder and fight for the Dread Lord.. Commander of the Revelry. To join you must be a patron and pick your ship / name your Captain. Information located here.


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  • TheXPGamers
    TheXPGamers  8 days ago+29

    This went poof due to the YouTube Automated system claiming it wasn't advertiser friendly. Its back!

  • Azza Brown
    Azza Brown 12 hours ago

    would be fun to see a hivemind with star destroyers

  • Yvonne Barnes
    Yvonne Barnes 3 days ago

    will their be a season 7

  • shadowdeath
    shadowdeath 5 days ago

    Can we get a revenge story? Like loved the pirates but the ai came and ruined all our fun. Plz shack

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 5 days ago

    Your next playthrough should be with a hivemind robot race that's sole intention is to sell pants to the universe because he who controls the pants controls the universe

  • dshornet1
    dshornet1 6 days ago

    It always seems to cluster factions around the player regardless of if you choose random or clustered start. Or so I've noticed with every game I've started.

  • Paul Schumacher
    Paul Schumacher 6 days ago

    RIGHT AT THE END! That music and the slow turning of the camera was PERFECT! I ended up tearing up a little.

  • Hiper Pixel
    Hiper Pixel 6 days ago

    Next season do Hallo.😁

  • Hiper Pixel
    Hiper Pixel 6 days ago


  • ChannelFoenix
    ChannelFoenix 6 days ago

    Yay, Shack's character knew me. A small consolation for being destroyed but a consolation none the less.
    (My ship was the Black Eagle btw)

  • thomas lobeck
    thomas lobeck 6 days ago

    leave the revelay and enlist in the defenders of man

  • CatJesusWarrior 2
    CatJesusWarrior 2 7 days ago+1


  • David Drouant
    David Drouant 7 days ago

    That random map placement was so against you ever having a fair chance..Boo I say

  • thesexbomb94
    thesexbomb94 7 days ago

    how about a star wars kotor era republic playthrough for season 7?

  • Denis Tuohy
    Denis Tuohy 7 days ago

    if there is a new season i'd like to see the star trek mod please, wth star wars as a strong second choice...

  • tssmith1701
    tssmith1701 7 days ago

    Here I was giving suggestions and then I got to the end of the video. Eaten by squids! Still an exciting series.

  • tssmith1701
    tssmith1701 7 days ago

    You can get a more comprehensive breakdown of jobs and and production by expanding the ruler/specialist/worker menus on the population tab. It can be very helpful in solving unemployment problems and understanding which pops are working in which buildings.

  • Declan Smith
    Declan Smith 7 days ago

    Shack you need to get a lot more tec overall.

  • Leo Bezard
    Leo Bezard 7 days ago

    All of this is totally legal, my cutlass belies the fact, yaar

  • Deano The Sigillite
    Deano The Sigillite 7 days ago+2

    Warhammer this up! Purge the Heretic! The Xeno! The Mutant!