MOST FAMOUS Disney Movies BEFORE AND AFTER Special Effects (VFX)

  • Published on:  8/9/2020
  • Disney’s live-action remakes are known for their top-notch visual effects! And the past few years had been a huge success for the studio.
    It’s no wonder then, that they even made a ‘Lion’ to sing their way to glory!
    Hello everyone, and today, we’ll look at some of Disney’s best live-action remakes, and see how the movies actually look like, before and after VFX.

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    Below are the Most Famous Disney movies list with their VFX scenes:
    At number 5: Aladdin
    At number 4: The Lion King
    At number 3: Beauty and the Beast
    At number 2: Dumbo
    At number 1: Alice in Wonderland

    Credit goes to the following VFX Companies List and the work put in by these amazing VFX teams/studios:
    MPC Film (
    ImageWorks VFX (
    DNEG (
    Industrial Light & Magic (
    Framestore (
    Weta Digital (
    Luma Pictures (
    Sony Pictures Imageworks (
    Trixter (
    Scanline VFX (
    Atomic Fiction (
    Framestore (
    Digital Domain (
    Rise (
    Cinesite (
    and many more VFX studios..

    And thanks to Walt Disney Studios without whom these movies wouldn't have been possible.

    Behind the scenes:
    Walt Disney Studios
    Disney Pictures
    animation boss (
    Flashback FilmMaking

    So guys, which Disney VFX movie is your favourite?
    And name any other movie you would like for our next VFX video?
    Leave us a comment below.

    Thanks for watching!