Inside the Illegal Drag Races of Nashville

  • Published on:  3/7/2019
  • Sideshows, or car meets, are illegal gatherings where car crews can show off their latest mods, do burnouts, doughnuts and drag race. Sideshows initially started in Oakland, CA decades ago, but with the growth of social media, sideshows have spawned across the country. Nashville has seen a surge of car meets, as auto-enthusiasts take risks and race their customized cars.VICE travels to Nashville and connects with The Unknown Crew, one of Nashville’s pioneering Car Crews, and Kingpin - a car club ran by a mother Melinda and her teenage sons.Watch more of our favorite cars and racing videos: here to subscribe to VICE: out our full video catalog:, daily editorial and more: http://vice.comMore videos from the VICE network: here to get the best of VICE daily: VICE on Facebook: VICE on Twitter: us on Instagram: VICE on iOS: VICE on Android:


  • Eric Herrera 2 months ago

    There's a reason why all these people only made it to VICE and not 1320 video lmfao

  • Hollygrove Style 4 days ago

    @Nicolas Stephens said no ever, literally. This is a group of ricers doing shit that just puts everyone in danger.

  • Timothy Booth 15 days ago

    @HeelTow idk ive never done anything other than street race it but felt it was at least a quarter of open road raced a scion tc was fun going over 100 tho haha

  • GunEm Down 3 months ago

    When youve watched fast and furious one too many times

  • Donavon dee 3 months ago

    "I was in seven gangs" HAHAHAHA stoppp ittttt 😂😂😂

  • Bradley Hamby 3 days ago

    Oh she was probably really in 7 gangs, just the roadie kinda affiliation lmao

  • Hollygrove Style 4 days ago

    @Robert Colon Jr ahahahaha stop lying, no one believes you

  • Dovahbruh 2 months ago

    It's just a bunch of stock 350's and 370's, stock Miatas and Genesis coupes. That's not a car scene homie that's a dealership 🤣

  • Little Hellions 13 days ago

    Dovahbruh most of my friends are in the car scene in Nashville, I’m even involved and like to go to the meets because I’m getting into cars though I don’t have one. I can tell you it’s a lot more than miatas and 350’s and 370’s etc. From what I saw from most of the clips looks like they took place in Mexico (if I remember it right) which is closer to Lavergne/Smyrna/Antioch which are all small towns. You can’t expect much more from lil small towns than what they can get and do shit to anyway. 🤷🏼‍♀️ the...

  • JayWard413 22 days ago

    CrimsonStang Are you honestly suggesting you know every single thing that goes on in Nashville? It’s not possible a couple car meets happen that you don’t hear about? Come on bruh. Get real.

  • Cristian 3 months ago

    I like how dramatic and serious they tried making this whole video lmao.

  • MomJeans2 13 days ago

    Vice, sensationalist? No way.

  • Shermin Murmen 3 months ago

    When all 60 horsepowers of your 1.6 Miata kick in :o

  • No, Boi! 1 months ago

    @JB 86 it's the difference between dragging a rear bumper at the strip and eating government cheese! Afterwards the woman just rip off the eyebrows and put on the hat. We won,u alley cat Larry Bird. U lost 8lbs, 12 to go!

  • JB 86 1 months ago

    J.d. Hogg is there a. Noticeable diff in power from a 1.6 to 1.8 Miata 4banger ?

  • Odk 3 months ago

    These car club presidents make me cringe to the max

  • ankush budhiraja 20 days ago

    @R.I.P OBJ she meant 7 gangbangs

  • R.I.P OBJ lmfao 😭😭

  • William Drohan 3 months ago

    The host drives a bone stock Maxima.

  • Jason Watts 2 months ago

    That was my thoughts exactly. He’s a host and drives a bone stock Nissan Maxima sedan.

  • Derek Moore 2 months ago

    Awe shoot. Hes got a fart can atleast right? RIGHT? Maybe some weather stripping? Tell me theres weather stripping. I couldnt watch the video so I'm laughing in the comments

  • L-Do R 3 months ago

    Weak vice this is not the car scene

  • Vlog City 3 months ago

    “The sheer feeling of going 100mph”*Shows Miata* 😂

  • Dynamic Solutions 21 days ago

    100? Pussy LOL try 144MPH

  • Rye Bread 1 months ago

    Was doing 100 in a Chevy traverse rental in the mountains in Cali. That was just keeping up with traffic 😂😂