O Mother of God (Ya Oum Allah)

  • Published on:  8/12/2017
  • We started this page because we saw a gap in the availability of English resources relating to our Maronite Church. We know the treasure we have and we know that in order for it to survive in the English speaking parts of the world we must be communicating it in the language and way people understand.
    Contrary to the fear often propagated - this does not lead us to 'lose' our Maronite spirituality, it actually ensures its survival.
    Below is a link to the hymn on the http://www.maronitemusic.org page. This is a wonderful page for English speaking choirs around the world and we thank Fr Geoffrey Abdallah for the influence and legacy he left on us personally, as we were growing up Australia.
    In relation to the hymn 'ya oum Allah' which many have commented on. The first part, the solo, (sung by Rita in the version we produced and which many recognise by Fairouz), it is an Arabisation of the hymn. We don't say that critically, as this has been an organic development of the Maronites depending on the cultural context and time In which they lived. The opening solo is akin to Jazz music in English. It is difficult to notate that part of the hymn into English becaus historically it is usually improvised by each individual soloist depending on what suits their voice. We have left the translation of the solo below for those who want to use it.
    In relation to the rest of the hymn, the composition is clearly Syriac. That has been neartly notatd and is available at the Maronitemusic page at this link under the title 'Although Your Pure Body'.
    That part is very simple to chant and we really encourage that even the simplest choirs could use it (they can skip the solo). We are happy to help if there are any questions (we will refer them if we do not know).
    O Mother of God - opening verse (usually solo)
    O Mother of God, O compassionate One,
    O treasure of mercy and our hope.
    You are our refuge and in you we
    place our hope. Intercede for us, O
    Virgin Mary, and have compassion
    for our dead.
    May Our Lady, ascended into heavan, inspire you always.
    The Living Maronite Team