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  • Liza Koshy
    Liza Koshy 2 months ago+52443

    ooh, well you can tell it's been a while since she's made a video... haha i was so nervous! but thanks for googling me ya creepy kids, and thanks for all the pleasing sounds WIRED! this makes me wanna make a video brb

  • Mini and Cooper
    Mini and Cooper 6 minutes ago

    How did Liza koshy become famous?
    ''I honestly don't know , you guys have weird taste online'' :D:D:D

  • peopleandanimalslovm
    peopleandanimalslovm 51 minutes ago

    Is Liza Koshy married?
    "Um I'm married to myself, TO THE MONEY and uh no I'm single"
    Wow that hurts to hear😭
    *heart breaks*

  • Anuja Wagle
    Anuja Wagle an hour ago

    What happened to kwisten????

    AMA AUER 2 hours ago

    I LOVE LIZZAAAA I've watched her since VINE omggggg

  • jackeline crisostomo

    Liza is SO smart, like really, her brain is working one second faster than everyone, she's really witty i love her

  • Daniel Hamadeh
    Daniel Hamadeh 8 hours ago

    can we take a minute to appreciate the glow up

  • Daniel Hamadeh
    Daniel Hamadeh 8 hours ago

    Lmao i luvv herrr😂😍😍

  • jiminsified
    jiminsified 10 hours ago

    *maRINaTED VaGinaS*

  • Tade Gold xxx
    Tade Gold xxx 12 hours ago

    How could she not say KWISTEN 😍😘😍😘😃

  • rainbow sqaud forever
    rainbow sqaud forever 13 hours ago

    What about Kristen

  • Simply a BRUH
    Simply a BRUH 15 hours ago

    Jet gives me life

  • Karen ONCINIAN
    Karen ONCINIAN 15 hours ago

    She broke up with her boyfriend actually😕

  • Talented arts ih
    Talented arts ih 20 hours ago


  • Yakoot Al-khairalla

    I'm surprised she didn't say her best friend was hiiii kwisten

  • KamishVEVO
    KamishVEVO yesterday

    Lisa kudro

  • Allegra Chloe Sivalingam

    Liza was born in 1996. I can't get over this. She is a year older than Kylie 😯

  • Allison Robertson

    I love asmr

  • Petite Gacha and Games

    I’m talller then Liza and I’m ten

  • ya mum
    ya mum yesterday

    she is pretty but is really annoying its almost like she trys to hard