• Big PinkCupcake
    Big PinkCupcake 2 months ago

    I can not get over Cora’s little hat with everyone else’s hats😂🙂💖

  • Nuie Briane
    Nuie Briane 3 months ago

    i knew they are going to that ending right there owiwwowowow

  • Nuie Briane
    Nuie Briane 3 months ago

    idk :( but i feel like conrad need to be gentle, all i can see in the vlog is him being mean, yup i know he's just a kid and a second of the vlogs doesnt define him but.... idk.... no hate just be more kind

  • Emily Woodworth
    Emily Woodworth 5 months ago

    Cuntry is me, lol!!! My favorite part was the food! haha:)

  • Bella Gamez
    Bella Gamez 7 months ago+1

    Idk why ppl dislike romans vid they are interesting entertaining funny and inspirational like how could you dislike a vid like this??

  • Shaun Lionudakis
    Shaun Lionudakis 7 months ago

    Who else has noticed that mo mo isn't with them 😡

  • Dani John
    Dani John 7 months ago

    Who is that vicky girl

  • emilynfamily
    emilynfamily 8 months ago

    Family pictures are impossible lol

  • Afton Blue
    Afton Blue 8 months ago

    Country came along aww ❤️

  • hãĺëý 4 ĺîfê
    hãĺëý 4 ĺîfê 8 months ago

    Jess is so pretty put her in the blogs more like if you agree!!

  • 21 Brown
    21 Brown 8 months ago+1

    Roman I love your videos sooo much

  • a HXS
    a HXS 8 months ago

    Great picture Roman

  • a HXS
    a HXS 8 months ago

    Get reddy for a lot of snow Roman

  • Tia Seitz
    Tia Seitz 8 months ago

    "Saw? Is that a movie?"
    Do you mean Jaws?

  • Exodus XP
    Exodus XP 8 months ago

    the noahnado

  • Tm0ney 14
    Tm0ney 14 8 months ago

    “ I will literally shove that...” 😂😂

  • Ya Girl Dems
    Ya Girl Dems 9 months ago

    I’m literally country😂

  • Caz Rubacky
    Caz Rubacky 9 months ago

    Noah "saw, is that a movie"
    Roman "yeah"

  • green loaf Comps
    green loaf Comps 9 months ago

    Who else thinks that in this whole trip Conrad has been the biggest Savage ever?

  • Dj Mason
    Dj Mason 9 months ago

    Love the family endings