Jung Geum Ja & Yoon Hee Jae II Crazy, But She's Mine (w/ Yellowdreams Xx) [Hyena]

  • Published on:  4/3/2020
  • Well, when I started watching Hyena and soon became addicted to the drama, I looked on YouTube for editions that could fuel my addictions to this couple that I love so much, but I didn't find anything, I was so upset because the drama wasn't getting the attention it deserved. So I did my own editing, and a few days later I went looking again for someone who was loving this drama as much as I did, and finally I found Yellowdreams and just loved her way of making videos. She is a sweet person 😍
    As I am a very shameless person, I invited her to do a work with me and I didn't really imagine that she would accept it, after all, YouTube sabotaged her response and did not notify me HAHAHAHA, it finally happened, and I can't believe how it worked so right and it looks amazing.
    Can two editors have chemistry?
    This video is proof that it can.
    In her humility she adapted to my editing style and did such an incredible work that it is impossible to say where I start my editing and where her editing ends. I challenge you to find out hahahahaha.
    I loved this experience Diana, Thank you, I admire you even more.

    Please watch in HD / Por favor assistam em HD

    Spoilers EP. 1-12

    Song: She's Crazy, But She's Mine

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