• Jason Nash
    Jason Nash  2 months ago+429

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the typo in the original title. The car is not $150 million, but it's still awesome! Hope you enjoy today's vlog. And thanks to everyone who joined my Patreon this week!: https://tinyurl.com/y98u2ny2

  • Corina Baker
    Corina Baker 3 days ago

    follow me on instagram🥵 corina_baker

  • Michael Trevino
    Michael Trevino 23 days ago


  • Michael Trevino
    Michael Trevino 23 days ago

    Tell my why trisha laughs just like Jason 🙌🏽 goals✅

  • Andrew Diaz
    Andrew Diaz 27 days ago

    Look in the window at 18:56

  • Edward Scanlan
    Edward Scanlan 27 days ago

    Poem Book Name : Nash'ionalism

  • aziz oric
    aziz oric 1 months ago


  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen 1 months ago+1

    jason your blue shirt was inside out lol

  • Felix Del Cid
    Felix Del Cid 1 months ago

    We know you have money
    What are you saying

  • Jlove
    Jlove 1 months ago

    “What kind of Lamborghini is it?” “A spyder” lolllll

  • Youtube Johnson
    Youtube Johnson 1 months ago

    Looks like everyone at that party was on acid

  • ccfulton22
    ccfulton22 1 months ago

    didn't she sell her g wagon because she was getting too much attention when she drive around in it?

  • Kaylee Byrne
    Kaylee Byrne 1 months ago

    Isn't that the house Nick Crompton was in in Shane's series?

  • Nayzeth Nolasco
    Nayzeth Nolasco 1 months ago

    OMG wasnt this house featured in Shane's series of Jake Jaul?

  • Jenna lambert
    Jenna lambert 1 months ago

    15:05 his shirt is definitely inside out lol

  • Alyssa Grove
    Alyssa Grove 1 months ago

    trish looks so pretty

  • chase pennington
    chase pennington 1 months ago

    “What kinda lambo is it it’s a spider” lmao it’s a gallado spider

  • Ashley H
    Ashley H 1 months ago

    I ❤your vids

  • Harry NI
    Harry NI 1 months ago

    “Lamborghini spider” wtf

    TREX BBS 1 months ago

    Pretty good aerodynamics. Her hair pretty much stayed in place in a convertible with the top down...