• Published on:  9/18/2018
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  • Jason Nash 9 months ago

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the typo in the original title. The car is not $150 million, but it's still awesome! Hope you enjoy today's vlog. And thanks to everyone who joined my Patreon this week!: https://tinyurl.com/y98u2ny2

  • H. Graham 7 months ago

    Lol.. Jesus Christ

  • Gotdangucrzy 9 months ago

    Thought it was only 100? Where’s the other 50k coming from?

  • Mrs Kiki 9 months ago

    Trisha is the definition of hood rich, expensive cars, clothes, and etc...but doesn't own a home and has bad credit...

  • Jas Martin 9 months ago

    this comment took me out.

  • mariethesizzler 9492 9 months ago

    You do know that's an expensive ass apartment?

  • Juliet 9 months ago

    Jason: “you know it’s really important to be humble in this life”Trisha *in front of Lamborghini* “I agree”

  • Gigi M 8 months ago

    Yeah we all watched

  • sefafefa 9 months ago

    She's an icon.

  • Lovrich123 9 months ago

    People who dont know who you are probably see you guys in this car and think jason is trish's sugar daddy lol

  • Marlen Garcia 9 months ago

    Omg that’s what I was thinking lmao

  • junkmoon 》 9 months ago

    @Unity Echo sugar senior 😂😂😂

  • Patience Christine 9 months ago

    She shouldn't paint it pink she should get it swarvoski crystal wrapped

  • Megan TufouS 8 months ago

    Patience Christine omg yes

  • Patience Christine 9 months ago

    Just for those of you saying its dangerous or whatever just want you to know they crystal wrap all kinds of vehicles. You can Google it. Its perfectly safe and legal for everyone on the road. If anything it helps make her car more visable and I doubt she would do it anyways I just thought it was a cool idea and that she should totally do it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but a few of you on this comment thread have personally come to attack me on my own videos calling me a idiot and etc. Do...

  • Brenda Burzny 9 months ago

    Brandon: “David’s going to be in a white jacket in a white room screaming tweet me at David dobrik, anything to add Liza “ 😂😂😂

  • KillMyVocals 9 months ago

    i mean... its accurate lmfao

  • Simply Shelly 9 months ago

    "Whatever I don't care if you think I'm broke. I might be broke next year but at least I have a Lamborghini" BIG MOOD

  • KillMyVocals 9 months ago

    didn't she say she was like 160,000 in debt last year or some shit? lmfao bitch if you're broke even if you have a lambo how you gonna afford that car insurance? ....................... im jussayin.

  • Princess Qatan 9 months ago

    @Rana Afhame broke to them and broke to you are 2 different things

  • 50hellkat2 9 months ago

    Brandon is a gentleman and a scholar.

  • Dolly Madeson 9 months ago

    No you're not, Brandon!!

  • Carrenia24 9 months ago

    “Where we going, Coachella?” 😂“Let me tell you something Brandon, Rihanna better be playing at Dave’s Hot Chicken for this line right here” 😂

  • Lauren Gee 9 months ago

    Trish I like your hair up like that

  • Chazza Gleeson 9 months ago

    Yeah it looks cute.

  • radioactive ood 9 months ago

    Lauren Gee finally one postive comment