Working Weird Craigslist Jobs to Earn $965 for New York City Rent

  • Published on:  5/13/2019
  • VICE's Will Tilghman tries to make his monthly rent of $965 by working weird jobs posted on the gigs section of New York Craigslist. After staging a photoshoot for a restaurant, screening a bad horror movie, trying a new deodorant, writing a bio for a nice mom, handing out newspapers, doing a timely impersonation of Lord Varys from “Game of Thrones”, and more, Will goes deep into the world of Craigslist to see if he can actually pay his rent by doing odd-jobs.

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  • Donald Dihlmann (5 days ago)

    This should be called “Vice barely pays my bills so I’m doing odd jobs now.”Edit: When random high thoughts pop up

  • John Fitzpatrick (2 days ago)

    +Tyler Johnson nep·o·tism

  • Tyler Johnson (2 days ago)

    John Fitzpatrick did you just learn that word or something?

  • blankrestore  (4 days ago)

    You woulda suceeded in 2 days if you just wrangled some snakes

  • Little J (1 day ago)

    You think so? I’m learn to

  • OhhFree (3 days ago)

    The weirdest part of this video is his rent only being $965 in NYC…

  • Fume (20 hours ago)

    That’s what I’m saying lmfao

  • Val Naim (1 day ago)

    When was this filmed? The 90s/ late 80s?

  • Liam South (4 days ago)

    Craigslist in nyc ? do you want to end up in the east river?

  • Gamezfromdutch (12 hours ago)

    +kefkapalazzo1 I guess you are not getting the clues

  • Legend (21 hours ago)

    Justin Y. Lol idiot

  • xWinterTitanx14 (4 days ago)

    4:24 The face you make when you realize he didn’t clean anything under the grills. - Omg 46 likes 0_0 Thankyou

  • Henrik (1 day ago)

    And it paid 100 bucks! Shouldve been spotless for that price

  • Enzy C (3 days ago)

    Ikr? He didn't look very happy about it 😂

  • The Godfather (6 days ago)

    Snake wrangling probable would of paid the rent. lol

  • Jennifer Martin (5 hours ago)

    larfadoodle it’s “easier than” not “easier then.” Ugh, come on people!

  • Ben Potter (12 hours ago)

    +Kasparas Visockas BeyondSorrowYYY People who correct other's spelling and grammar online must have some major insecurity issue's. As long as you can understand what they are saying why do you care? Not everyone has a perfect understanding of English, even if it's their first language not everyone has the benefit of an education. People should be judged on their opinions, not on the quality of their spelling.

  • nick parry (3 days ago)

    Thank you for having a properly sized tank for your fish. Upvote for that.

  • johan fretzen (3 days ago)

    Dude u could've sucked like 2 D's and paid rent for the next 6 months!

  • Im fuckin weakkkk😂😂😂😂

  • Jasmen Smith (15 hours ago)

    Im dying LMFAOOOOO

  • Carly Cordero (5 days ago)

    Why this dude look like tilda Swinton as the ancient one in that robe😂

  • jimmy s. (4 days ago)


  • Pumpkin Rainbows (5 days ago)

    Carly Cordero BITCH! I CHOKED 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tony Da Realest (5 days ago)

    As a struggling Millennial New Yorker this was weirdly inspirational and awesome.

  • Tony Da Realest (1 day ago)

    +atlma2 I hear that place is gentrifying at a rapid place... How much is your average 1 bedroom over there?

  • atlma2 (1 day ago)

    Try living in Charlotte NC