10 Most RECENT Incredible Discoveries!

  • Published on:  3/22/2020
  • From a lost German bunker in Normandy to one of the oldest objects in the solar system, here are 10 incredible recent discoveries.

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    10. German Bunker
    Until 2006, German bunkers used against the Allied forces in Normandy remained hidden. The bunkers, which are part of the Maisy Battery complex, are located two miles inland from Omaha Beach, the landing area for the Allied invasion, known as “D-Day.”

    9. Underwater Buddha Statue
    Renovation works often reveal long forgotten objects, but workers in the Jiangxi Province couldn’t have possibly expected to find something of such significance as they began construction of a hydropower gate on a reservoir. The work caused the water levels in the area to fall, which revealed a 600-year-old Buddha statue! Looking quite peaceful out over the water.

    8. The Black Boxes of Egypt
    12 miles south of the Great Pyramid of Giza, archaeologists discovered a cave system buried in a hillside with 24 giant black boxes. These coffin-shaped boxes were found in a burial site in Saqqara and are thought to be from 3,300 years ago during the time of Ramses II to the time of Amenhotep III. These strange boxes are carved from solid Aswan granite, and weigh more than 100 tons each! The lid alone weighs 30 tons!

    7. Lost City Of Dwarka
    In Hindu mythology, one of the biggest and most important cities was Dwarka or Dvārakā. While there is a city known as Dwarka, it’s fame comes from the ancient lost city with the same name. Known as the Gateway to Heaven, it is on the water in the northwestern state of Gujarat.

    6. A Habitable Super-earth?
    K2-18b is an exoplanet orbiting a Red Dwarf star 110 light-years away. In September of 2019, scientists announced the discovery of water vapor on this distant planet. So where there is water, there could be life and the media began reporting the existence of a “potentially habitable” super-Earth.

    5. Giant Cave Hall
    In 2017, a team of researchers went to explore a sinkhole in China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and they couldn't believe what they found. Deep in the misty valleys in the ominous looking hole, is one of the most stunning cave halls in the world. To get there requires going down a rope at least 200 meters long (656 feet), and then you will find yourself inside the 6.7-million-cubic-meter (236-million-cubic-foot) cavern.

    4. Our Common Grandmother
    It turns out that we humans are all distantly related!! An October 2019 study published in the online journal Nature narrows down our lineage by suggesting that every single person alive today descends from a woman who lived roughly 200,000 years ago in what is now Botswana.

    3. A Black Hole Caught On Camera
    We’ve been fascinated by black holes, but what exactly are they? NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory website defines a black hole as “an extremely dense object from which no light can escape. Anything that comes within a black hole’s ‘event horizon,’ its point of no return, will be consumed, never to re-emerge, because of the black hole’s unimaginably strong gravity.”

    2. Emperor Nero’s ‘Sphinx Room’
    In 2018 archaeologists were working on the restoration of Emperor Nero's palace in Rome, when they found something completely unexpected- a secret underground chamber. Inside was a series of colorful animal frescoes, which depicted images of panthers, centaurs, and a sphinx.

    1. Arrokoth
    Nicknamed “Ultima Thule” and officially named “Arrokoth,” which means “sky” in the Powhatan/Algonquian language, 2014 MU69 is a mysterious object within the Kuiper Belt (Kiper Belt), a collection of icy rocks at the outer reaches of our solar system. NASA’s New Horizons science team discovered it in 2014 using the Hubble Space Telescope.