10 People Who Got Stuck in Toilets

  • Published on:  4/7/2021
  • 10 People Who Got Stuck in Toilets

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    10 People Who Got Stuck in Toilets
    Ahh the toilet. For some of us, it’s the best place in the house, but we don’t really spend a of time in it.
    Not that we want to, of course, but today we will be looking at people that were forced to spend more
    time than usual in this room, literally stuck to the toilet seat.
    From people in China who seem to constantly drop stuff in toilets, to a woman who refused to leave the
    toilet altogether, that’s one weird story on number one so make sure you stay tuned for that, here are
    10 people who got stuck in toilets.

    Number 10. Prank Gone Wrong
    Some pranks are just good harmless fun. Yet, some pranksters clearly don’t realize that sometimes they
    cross the fine line between harmless fun and hurtful act.
    A mom from Georgia literally became the butt of one particularly cruel prank. 40-year-old Ilyana De La
    Keur was shopping at the local Home Depot when she felt the need to use the bathroom. After finishing
    her business, she attempted to stand up but quickly found that she couldn’t. Her skin was bonded to the
    toilet seat, no thanks to some prankster smearing super glue all over the toilet seat.
    It took 25 minutes before someone noticed her predicament. Of course, paramedics have to be called to
    aid the poor woman. She had to go through the embarrassing ordeal of having emergency responders
    detach the seat from her butt while store employees peaked in to watch the strange procedure.
    Her sister, who was out shopping with her, recorded the entire event on video. Of course, due to the
    distress the situation gave to Mrs. De La Keur. We’re not going to show you the footage.
    It took a lot of WD-40 to separate her from the toilet seat, but even so, the entire ordeal was quite

    Number 9. Two Days in the Pit
    There are times you can look at a picture and just get a sense of what’s going on. When I look at the
    above photo, my eyes start watering, my stomach starts churning, and I just kind of start feeling queasy,
    because this unfortunate soul, just by looking at him, had to have smelled like crap, literally.
    The slim fellow, from Wuyan County in Inner Mongolia, stinks because he had just spent two days
    trapped in a latrine pit. That’s right, when using the facilities, the man fell into the outhouse hole and
    was stuck there for a staggeringly long 48 hours, yelling for help.
    There’s getting your arm stuck in a toilet, and getting stuck in nasty river mud, and then there’s this.
    This is just goes way above and beyond. According to witnesses, the first thing this man did after fire

    fighters lowered a ladder down into the crapper to get him free was run to the closest body of water
    and start washing himself. I think that’s what we’d all do.

    Number 8. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    To all married guys out there, I have a question for you. If you somehow drop your wedding ring into the
    toilet, would you literally risk your limb to retrieve it? It’s kind of like being stuck between a rock and a
    hard place; you’ll literally have your hands deep in crap if you do, and you’ll definitely get a whole lot of
    crap from your wife if you don’t. So what do you do? This guy from China chose the former, and he got
    more than a handful of crap for his trouble.
    Firefighters had to be called in to rescue this poor guy who had his hand stuck in a toilet because he
    accidentally dropped his wedding ring in there. The man, known only as Zhang, had reportedly decided
    to have a shower in his work changing room in Quanzhou, in Fujian province, so he took his ring off to
    avoid losing it. But in a bizarre twist of events, as he began to wash he dropped the ring and watched in
    despair as it rolled into the squat toilet nearby. In a desperate bid to keep his marriage intact, red-faced
    Zhang rushed to try and fish it back out – but ended up getting his arm stuck in the U-bend of the toilet.
    His coworkers heard his screams, and subsequently called in rescue workers, who had to completely
    dismantle the toilet in order to get the man’s arm out.