OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing - It's ALL SCREEN



  • Unbox Therapy (5 days ago)

    dbrand - code = unbox

  • C C P (1 day ago)

    Talking and talking... pressing the fingerprint scanner and stops talking being shocked of how fast it is.

  • Rafael Mihai (5 days ago)

    nebula bluehow about gomora greenor thanos purpleedit: omg thanks for 1K likes

  • Taipalez (14 hours ago)

    Oh my god xD i want thanos 7 pro

  • Stevis (5 days ago)

    You’re not funny you foreigner

  • Einhornkot (4 days ago)

    It's time to switch fron my Oneplus One to the Oneplus 7 Pro... :D

  • kylebriffa7 (23 hours ago)

    Respect! You must really take care of your stuff to have a 5 yr old phone, OnePlus came out mid 2014. Any tips to have it last that long? Updates, custom rom, etc. This would never happen with an Apple device!Enjoy your huge upgrade! We usually enjoy incremental upgraded phones, but you gonna experience a huge improvement 😄

  • kostadin10m (1 day ago)

    OPO, OP5 now, and probs next OPX 😁 here

  • Thndr Flckr (4 days ago)

    One plus 7 front camera: I'm bout to end this FBI man's whole career

  • Lewbriski (19 hours ago)

    +Ryan Koa Only one way to find out Time to take off my phone screen

  • John Doe (1 day ago)

    +Ryan Koa Maybe it's time to take off the tinfoil hat

  • joshua AC (4 days ago)

    RIP iPhone and screw Samsung I'm switching to one plus pro

  • Pade (9 hours ago)

    I can't decide between this and p30 pro. I have s8+ currently.

  • Ely Coposciuc (13 hours ago)

    +Farjan Ahmed omg, nice, thx

  • Santiago Agüero (4 days ago)

    Loved the unboxing! Though it felt wierd not having the background song on the video.

  • Santiago Agüero (2 days ago)

    +Fabio Because not everyone pays attention to the details 😉.

  • Fabio (2 days ago)

    Shocking seens nobody else noticed

  • Xiaohe Liu (5 days ago)

    Nebula blue. Who's ready for other colours : Gamora Green, Thanos Purple, Iron Man red

  • MH TJ (1 hour ago)

    What about Black Order black?

  • Pukito Kiho (3 days ago)

    Nebula blue? Naaah. I'll wait for Thanos purple or may be Gamora green.

  • Pukito Kiho (3 hours ago)

    +Jayden Penner I'm sure you are not Avenger Fan. It's all about common sense. If it's Nebula blue than automatically the hardcore avengers fans will think Thanos purple(Her father) and Gamora Green (Her sister).. I'm sure there are thousand comments alike. But I didn't copied. All are not the same brother.

  • Jayden Penner (6 hours ago)

    Pls stop we can all see u copied the comment 2 boxes before u

  • T-Bicer (4 days ago)

    I’m switching to the one plus 7DONT BUY THE ONE PLUS 7I’m going back to the one plus 7(Face Palm Thumbnail)

  • Kyle Ruggles (8 hours ago)

    +Matt Jones Don't blame ya, it's still a good phone! think I'll hold onto my 6 for a while. THANK GOD FOR ROOT! heh. Glad I didn't get a Huawei, poor folks.

  • Kyle Ruggles (19 hours ago)

    +Ashley I you can hear us? Physically hear us? Wow.. Ashley... Wow.. You're super woman or something.

  • vincent dyer (4 days ago)

    Lew, my guy, make that knife available for merch please! iconic piece of equipment and it looks beautiful.