#Beyonce Knowles and Blue Ivy Carter flower eating #Illuminati ritual or harmless picture?

  • Published on:  5/26/2016
  • Beyonce Knowles and Blue Ivy Carter flower eating Illuminati ritual or harmless picture? http://meetmagazine.blogspot.com/2016...


  • Que Que 3 years ago

    Y'all haters corney with that illuminati mess!!

  • Lady Lex 3 years ago

    I won't say anything about this picture in particular, but occult rituals are VERY real. I think it's both sad, and comical that people have so much to say about the term Illuminati, without knowing what it is. It's easy to dismiss the idea when you're foolish enough to believe the Illuminati IS Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kanye. Once you research, and find out that it's a blanket statement referring to a cabal of hateful elitist, who consider themselves to be enlightened, or "illuminated" (hence th...

  • Louise Sparkles 1 years ago

    Agreed. Beyoncé, Jay Z etc are not THE illuminati.... they are merely puppets there of.

  • temeka haynes 3 years ago

    yup have to stay woke in this world we live in now

  • Ana Ana 3 years ago

    this vid may seem like a reach but alot of witches take floral baths and that's a fact ...even azealia banks talks about how she takes floral baths for witchcraft purposes.

  • Ana Ana 3 years ago

    btw they're obviously in a tub

  • YENOM O 2 years ago

    Glad u did a video about this because I thought it was weird to to see this. Beyoncé is old but that baby I hope things are in her best interest she is the only one I'm worried about. Good video

  • Kylynn B. 3 years ago

    the more you know 😉

  • TimewithUKno Reed 3 years ago

    I guess it's just a clever way for the child to have 1 EYE covered. But y is the mom/b so blurry & baby blue in focus

  • Viral Distractionz 3 years ago

    it's just an opinion people...gosh this man is entitled to his just like everyone else.

  • Lauren lucas-baynes 3 years ago

    does blue get her eye brows done thats finny but you notice they a side a one eye in some way ijs

  • Jamcam22 3 years ago

    Is this a satire?

  • Beauty Secret 3 years ago

    wow.....never knew. and don't let them Beyonce fans get to u. you're simply giving knowledge and folks can either take it or leave it. I don't agree with everything u say but I like your videos. you're commentary is entertaining

  • Blah Blah 1 years ago

    Her dumbass still didn't know this was a joke

  • Beauty Secret 3 years ago

    Lol ur welcome sweetie