Gucci Mane Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • Rappers all seem to agree: Gucci Mane has the most insane jewelry collection out there. “You asked for the King of Jewelry? You got the King.”

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    Gucci Mane Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ


  • Yaboykrill (Oct 16, 2018)

    He seems like such a nice person, marriage has really mellowed him out. Chill dude

  • fraai (Feb 2, 2019)

    chill but narcissistic :'D

  • Matthew Vrdck (Jan 29, 2019)

    you're not rich and that's it, it's not black and white. there are different types of rich, you have 'i can live comfortable' to 'i can buy power' type of rich. Once you're in a certain class of rich, you keep trying to get to a higher class. There's no end

  • drip god ty (Oct 11, 2018)

    Keep running your money up and KEEP shining!

  • AQUAPHREESH193 (Nov 10, 2018)

    Mr K. Lol possibly but it sure beats being an edgy school shooter in training like you probably are 😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • djcharlez (Oct 15, 2018)

    “Just Get One Fuxkin Ring” 😂😂😂 4:42

  • lively e09 (1 day ago)

    But fr tho😂😂😂😂

  • Larry Wright Jr. (Dec 25, 2018)

    This kilt me too😂😂😂

  • AlphaBrix (Dec 10, 2018)

    Get Floyd Mayweather on here

  • Navi22 (2 days ago)

    +venlo zuid you think floyd would ever pass an opportunity to flex on the masses? 😂

  • venlo zuid (Feb 2, 2019)

    he'll never come

  • PowahSlap Entertainmint (Sep 10, 2018)

    Those chains cost more than my house.

  • Young Rio (Feb 1, 2019)

    Best LOL dog best LOL doll videos

  • james black (Dec 12, 2018)

    its crazy how being sober change an individual...

  • shane hillert (Feb 7, 2019)

    Changed how lol

  • Joseph Suarez (Dec 2, 2018)

    His teeth are brighter than my future.

  • Baba Sen (3 days ago)

    Abhay Gautam you are tho

  • Abhay Gautam (Feb 9, 2019)

    Skin colour darker than my dreams I / AINT RACIST THO😏

  • Jared 619 (Dec 23, 2018)

    I just wanna know how much his earring cost

  • Douglas Freer (2 days ago)

    +Ōetsu Nimaiya correct. They most likely as a pair cost a cool million U.S. dollars. They're a top grade and around 5 carats imo.

  • Ōetsu Nimaiya (5 days ago)

    more like 600.000$+ +Earth Stone

  • Scaxed (Oct 14, 2018)

    Still can't believe this dude collabed with Jake Paul, Isn't he embarrassed about it?

  • Da Great_2K (1 day ago)

    I'm not coming

  • John Bacon (Feb 3, 2019)

    His niece is a fan so he did it for her

  • The Don (Sep 11, 2018)

    Me: yo gucci what’s that on your wrist. It’s shiny broGucci: oh its my new jury. I just bought it Me: you mean jewelry Gucci: what

  • Gucci Vlogs (Dec 15, 2018)


  • xxx shitlord2598 (Dec 13, 2018)