Gucci Mane Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ

  • Published on:  9/10/2018
  • Rappers all seem to agree: Gucci Mane has the most insane jewelry collection out there. “You asked for the King of Jewelry? You got the King.”

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    Gucci Mane Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ


  • A Bailey
    A Bailey a minute ago

    This my big brother

  • nxckk
    nxckk 5 minutes ago


  • poweruser213
    poweruser213 an hour ago

    He is like spoiled woman. True man never wear that many jewels 😅😁🙌
    On other side better buy jewels instead paying taxes.... Smart!

  • Jonny Stannard
    Jonny Stannard 2 hours ago

    Best jury

  • Yahaira Mejia
    Yahaira Mejia 3 hours ago

    The way he talk bout his wife 💕

  • Gghj Gghghkl
    Gghj Gghghkl 3 hours ago

    Those chains cost more than my life

  • Joona Havulampi
    Joona Havulampi 3 hours ago

    Get j.cole here😂😂😂

  • Detlef D. Saas
    Detlef D. Saas 4 hours ago

    Wh didnt he bring that snake chain where 3 chains come out of the mouth of the snakes

  • Nspire Games
    Nspire Games 5 hours ago

    Rappers ain’t paying anywhere near what the jewelry is worth.. they get all types of deals

  • Sylvester Slott
    Sylvester Slott 5 hours ago

    you cant even see his face tattoos
    no more...

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 6 hours ago

    Y’all axed for da king of jurrry.. and you got the king of jurry..

  • disappointedLumberjackdog

    "I see rappers they - eight rings on...just get one f&#@king ring."
    - Gucci Mane , 2018

  • Gipz
    Gipz 6 hours ago

    Now I want to know how much his earring cost!! 😩

  • Fisherman 01
    Fisherman 01 7 hours ago

    MIGOS !!!

  • Jarred Bautista
    Jarred Bautista 7 hours ago


  • dj ak
    dj ak 7 hours ago+1

    The moment Guwap said "pretty" i realized the trap god gucci was dead.
    R.I.P trap god

  • Нургиса Абу

    Go 6ix9ine jewerly collection

  • Minh Cu
    Minh Cu 10 hours ago

    people really out here saying diamond is worthless because they cant tell the difference with lab made and natural diamond

  • Warris Kamran
    Warris Kamran 11 hours ago

    tbh pretty stupid to spend so much money on useless crap, would be more useful to invest in something that will actually give you money like property or stocks. This is why so many of these rappers end up having barely any money when they are older. Don't get me wrong flexing is not bad when you have a limit, but why spend so much money just to show ppl?