12 Wild Animals That ESCAPED From The Zoo!

  • Published on:  2/28/2020
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    From tigers just jumping out of enclosures to a heartbroken rhino busting out, here are 12 animals that escaped from the zoo!
    12. The Long Island Monkey Escape
    This particular animal escape story happened all the way back in 1935 at a "jungle camp" known as Frank Buck. In short, these were “roadside zoos” if you will, where people could see all sorts of animals like big cats, and a type of exotic monkey known as Rhesus Monkeys.
    One day, a maintenance man named Charles Selner reported to work and knew he had one job that particular day, to bathe the monkeys. The Rhesus Monkeys themselves were on a "mountain" that was within a man-made lake. The monkeys were contained within the area by an 8-foot wall fence. The only way for Selner to get to the enclosure was to lower a plank bridge, which he did without much effort and then proceeded to go and bathe the monkeys, of which many let him do without a problem.
    There was one problem though, Selner had forgotten to put up the plank that he walked in on. So while many of the monkeys were happy taking baths, many of them were walking across the plank and out of the enclosure, out of the zoo, and into the nearby areas, including a forest.
    Reports of these monkeys spread all over town, and news sources reported on them in several countries! It’s like going viral in 1935! There were reports of them playing in parks, playing people's yards, going and reigning havoc via fruit stands, and more.
    Funnily enough, some of the monkeys came back on their own, but many had to be returned by force. Imagine that job, trying to go out and capture monkeys!! That’s not very easy!! The head of the zoo promised a free season pass to anyone who brought one of the monkeys back.