It's Christmas at Disneyland PARIS!!



  • angel gonya
    angel gonya 16 days ago

    Bring alley for Christmas?

  • Lake 42
    Lake 42 1 months ago

    Another great vid

  • phillip west
    phillip west 4 months ago

    wow its magical! I really don't like the color blue but the park is very colorful! Thanks for the upload Justin! When are you and Ali tieing the knot?

  • Jessica Fletcher
    Jessica Fletcher 4 months ago

    I can't tell if your being sarcastic or genuinely amazed but you funny all the same. X

  • Cameron Uhri
    Cameron Uhri 6 months ago

    I would watch a video of you just walking around pointing at everything saying "look at the schize of that"

  • Kronos
    Kronos 6 months ago

    Totally loved this video. What did you use to film your trips?

  • lai nightwalker
    lai nightwalker 7 months ago

    her name is clarice : ) at lest in two chips and a miss thats her name

  • Amanda Fletcher
    Amanda Fletcher 7 months ago

    What dates did you go?

  • thefemmedagger
    thefemmedagger 8 months ago

    Just discovered your channel today and I LOVE your personality and vlogging style! You’re so so fun. This video made me so warm inside!
    I’m really stuck on deciding whether to go back to DLP on Christmas or Halloween. What do you think?!

  • J Garcia
    J Garcia 8 months ago

    Wow this guy has an awesome personality! Very entertaining keep up the great work! ;)

  • hannahbarkham
    hannahbarkham 8 months ago

    Amazing! out my autographs from characters xx

  • Pamela Keilman
    Pamela Keilman 8 months ago

    Love watching your videos! Didn’t get to read all the comments maybe someone already answered your question Justin but that dragon is Maleficent, so is a girl.

  • Lara Krt.
    Lara Krt. 8 months ago+1

    Disneyland looks so beautiful. I was in Spring there 😉

  • dan Hamakua
    dan Hamakua 8 months ago

    I think its time for Justin to start learing some French

  • Peter
    Peter 9 months ago

    Nice new shoes Justin!

  • Eleanor Hawthorne
    Eleanor Hawthorne 9 months ago

    Chip and Dales friend is Clarice. She is essentially a girl for then to fight over. And the dragon is a boy as it is actually merlin. In the cave opposite the dragon it actually states that it is Merlin. I’ll see if I have some footage in my vlogs of it! Hope this helps! ☺️

  • Alexis Alicea
    Alexis Alicea 9 months ago

    Justin, Her name is Clarice :)

  • crys satterfeld
    crys satterfeld 9 months ago

    "All these years later... they made a mistake." My automatic thought "Yeah, like Walt Disney could make a mistake!" LOL

  • Valerie Salazar
    Valerie Salazar 9 months ago

    You mean Maxwell the pig

  • Nancy Kellum
    Nancy Kellum 9 months ago

    I really enjoyed your Disneyland Paris Christmas tour. Your ending was epic!