Why APB Failed : Gaming's $100,000,000 Failure



  • RoboKast
    RoboKast  1 months ago+79

    Hey guys! Just made a new video talking about Undertale! I tried a new editing style and want to know what you guys think! https://www.201tube.com/video/Bynn0V_jfIo/video.html

  • deadlierninja oof
    deadlierninja oof 13 hours ago

    Its mostly a role play game most people go to social and trash talk and troll people

  • You Hit My Car Abc
    You Hit My Car Abc 14 hours ago

    Long story short: EA hopped in.

  • Li0
    Li0 yesterday

    The game is back again, they brought anticheat with them, I'm still enjoying it, now i enjoy it even more because of their work on the anticheat, i just dream of them getting back the good old events, me getting a good pc to actually run the game on 60 fps

  • Spiff Malone
    Spiff Malone 2 days ago

    On PS4, is there a subscription? I know that like a year or two ago there wasn’t. Are hackers or whatever bad on it too?

  • TypicalGodzzz
    TypicalGodzzz 2 days ago

    The maker of the first gta made APB

  • Adam Lewis
    Adam Lewis 2 days ago

    So apb is pretty much everything online but everything is null sec

  • Jack
    Jack 2 days ago

    Moral of the story don’t spend to much money if you don’t know what your doing

  • ii Demigod
    ii Demigod 2 days ago

    I used to play APB Reloaded and it took me like 7 hours just to buy a hoodie 😂

  • CHill TACtics
    CHill TACtics 3 days ago

    Trash game

  • Matheus Mariano
    Matheus Mariano 3 days ago

    ch EA ters

  • Sexhaie
    Sexhaie 3 days ago

    "$7 every 10 hours"
    "$10 for 30 days"
    Man that backfired....

  • Michael Geng
    Michael Geng 3 days ago

    "Crackdown was 'only' $20 million to develop."
    "They actually managed to pick up EA, which was really good, but..."
    Hmm, I smell some weird logic.

  • kk24sk8
    kk24sk8 4 days ago


  • Itachi Gaming
    Itachi Gaming 4 days ago

    why ea tho ea is pure trash

  • Phillip Schamberger

    I played this game over 3000 hours it's a great game need to spend more time updating it gave up to fast and never added more content.

  • Lynxman lynx
    Lynxman lynx 4 days ago

    APB problems
    Bad performance

  • LZRK Gaming
    LZRK Gaming 5 days ago


  • Marie-Andrea Gagné

    Lol. Are you looking for a publisher? Go to EA they are the best! ''Sarcasm level up*
    And here i level up again thanks EA. :3

  • mmmisHmasH
    mmmisHmasH 6 days ago

    Woah... Never realized that APB reloaded had this kind of backstory