Why APB Failed : Gaming's $100,000,000 Failure



  • RoboKast 6 months ago

    Hey guys! Just made a new video talking about Undertale! I tried a new editing style and want to know what you guys think! https://www.201tube.com/video/Bynn0V_jfIo/video.html

  • RpTheHotrod 12 days ago

    Heya. If you want to get some more behind the scenes information about what else caused it to fail, feel free to hit me up.

  • NESGamer 3 months ago

    Whats the music at 6:20

  • Bac Jam 7 months ago

    If your channel ever dies you better do a video about it failing

  • something not fishy 3 months ago

    those killed must be kill.. fcking hate cancer

  • wvlfAce 6 months ago

    Robocast says the N word

  • Aviz Vit 6 months ago

    This game remind me of Spore.Someone spent 2 years in dev time creating the ultimate customization tool only to forget they had to make an interesting game around it.

  • Dad 2 months ago

    Well yes. Yes

  • Noah Richter-Mahr 2 months ago

    Spore was a Great Game what do you mean?

  • Mishka 6 months ago

    7 dollars for 20 hours? sounds like some scammy 1996 aol games bs.

  • Raul Vaida 1 months ago

    Wasn't the same with WoW? Like a lot of expansions to buy with real money plus a 10€/month sub? I mean don't get me wrong, this game failed, but if it was working it would have had a similar business model as Blizzard.

  • Dingo 2 months ago

    sounds like EA's idea

  • Steth Curry 6 months ago

    They say there is no “monthly subscription”, then they make a daily subscription 😐

  • Speedy Racer 4 5 months ago

    Do your pay for Xbox Live Gold, Netflix subscriptions etc? For €10 you can get a month. Plus, they had to try make back the €100,000,000 budget they invested into it.

  • Steth Curry 5 months ago

    Ahmet Fatih Usta Yeah but I wouldn’t want to keep like a timer or something and have to keep track of the time I’m playing a game

  • Neves7561 6 months ago

    I refuse to believe that $100,000,000 was invested into this pay 2 win garbage

  • TrypZ Gaming 1 months ago

    @Mar GlizzyGod when I played APB I had no problem out playing my opppnents with or without a marketplace gun. But I can tell you it was 10x easier with a gun purchased and there was no debate on that. The whisper dominated at mid range too, just not far range which is like 2% of the battles in apb.

  • Mar GlizzyGod 1 months ago

    TrypZ Gaming the Star is OP, the whisper is for close counters. Just don’t be ass and complain about getting out played. Everyone has the same amount of health.

  • Wedge 0020 7 months ago

    Realtime Worlds sacrificed themselves to lose EA $100 mil. Not all hero's wear capes.

  • Elliot -Senpai an hour ago

    Wow... i thought woooosh is now a normie word for retards that dont have reddit

  • finno12307 3 months ago

    Rustybits dear god

  • Mr.Tumbleweed 6 months ago

    hackers and no anticheat was why apb failed.

  • Trauma284 3 days ago

    100% this

  • CoolNameHere 21 days ago

    You guys are all dumb, games can't have 1m players, there are only 7 thousand people on Earth.

  • Matthew 6 months ago

    You didn't mention that Gamersfirst got bought out recently and APB has a new dev team once again. This team is promising to do what RTW and Reloaded Productions failed to do. Their current plan is to have the PC engine upgraded and console performance fixed by Spring 2019. Hopefully they fix it then do marketing again because imagine the shock on people's faces when they see ads for a game they thought died a horrible death nine years ago.

  • Carlos'GuitarCorner 13 hours ago

    TrypZ Gaming and the game feels the same 2 u because they haven’t published the engine upgrade yet. They game won’t just change as they develop the engine, they have to release it as one big update. Or at least that’s their plan.

  • Carlos'GuitarCorner 13 hours ago

    TrypZ Gaming ngl I have only been playing it since early 2018 on console. You have beeen playing the game a lot longer than me. But you were playing in the real-time worlds and reloaded days. But these new devs, aren’t lazy like the old ones. I know I’m getting my hopes up, but little orbit actually responds to the community and gives us honest development updates. I can completely understand where your coming from, but please look on the apb twitter, website where they post updates and forums. Oh and ...

  • TrailRipper 6 months ago

    6:26 Now that's a good way for no one to buy your game. $7 per 20 hours and $10 for a month. Don't do drugs kids, because whoever thought that shit up was on some.

  • Bob The Magic being 1 months ago

    TrailRipper that is ea for you

  • Sayyid Daffa M 2 months ago

    I'd rather have monthly subscription than overpriced DLC.