Making a homemade pizza for idiots

  • Published on:  8/4/2018
  • JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: "Looking to make amazing homemade pizza? This video is for you! Joana will take you through all the steps and procedures in the making of a delicious pizza! Subscribe for more TASTY content!"Said no one ever


  • Iulia
    Iulia 11 months ago+6239

    I am from Italy.. The tomato sauce you made triggered my whole kitchen...

  • xenorange
    xenorange 5 months ago+1416

    Me: *watching this video *
    John Cena: *in video, coughs *
    Friend: across the room "Are you watching Joana Ceddia?! "
    Probably the most iconic cough ever...

  • Sana Alam
    Sana Alam 7 months ago+1443

    Why is this video more entertaining than my whole life?

  • Phoenix Faytes
    Phoenix Faytes 6 months ago+584

    we've found someone who can "out-pizza" the hut..

  • kairi joaquin
    kairi joaquin 6 months ago+945

    me: i should go to sleep
    my brain: 2:08

  • xy
    xy 11 months ago+7954

    gordon ramsay has left the chat

  • sameblame
    sameblame 7 months ago+341

    4:32 bUt iM fEeLiNg 22!!!

  • I don’t Know.
    I don’t Know. 3 months ago+172

    This video is grate
    Get it?

  • Snow Cat
    Snow Cat 7 months ago+313

    Extra virgin olive oil?
    extra virgin?

  • Jayanne John
    Jayanne John 2 months ago+247

    I'm half Italian, and let me tell you. I WAS CRINGING

  • Abigail Johnson
    Abigail Johnson 9 months ago+4339

    “My mom makes fun of me but I don’t care.” Story of my life.

  • Amber W
    Amber W 3 months ago+195

    Don't think I didn't notice

  • BooBopArts 518
    BooBopArts 518 2 months ago+126

    Joana: “we aren’t gonna use any measuring utensils”
    Oh nO

  • Snoopy Snoop
    Snoopy Snoop 7 months ago+136

    "I'm gonna be positive Patty." Proceeds to use all her strength to squash the dough. " Now that I think about it, eating pizza before practice is probably a horrible idea." I thought you were being positive Patty!
    Edit: Omg! Thank you soooo much for 8 likes! That's more than I've ever had before! Yes, I know. I am pathetic.

  • Megan Phillips
    Megan Phillips 7 months ago+140

    Joana enters a cooking show

  • Caily Mccormac
    Caily Mccormac 11 months ago+4498

    Tbh i dont find Emma funny at all But for some reason Joana makes me lol, Also Emma Did NOT invent this type of editing , just stating facts

  • Drew’s anything Odyssey
    Drew’s anything Odyssey 6 months ago+81

    She has seeds in her tomato sauce?

  • Giuliano Gisotti
    Giuliano Gisotti 5 months ago+58

    I appreciate the effort, the problem is in the source materials
    Namely, "Mozzarellissima"

  • Grejsi
    Grejsi 7 months ago+84

    rossana pansino? Quaking
    Gordon Ramsay? No lamb sauce found
    James charles? shook
    Hotel Chefs? TRIVAGO

  • a big mess
    a big mess 2 months ago+42

    avocados: 1*joana loves me*
    pizza: i’m about to end this mans whole career.