Paying Friend To Quit His Job!

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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  • Danny Duncan 10 months ago

    Love you guys ❤️ bunch of big shit coming soon can’t wait to tell you about it. Merch available @ we got phone cases and back packs and slides dropping soon

  • Jay Jones 8 days ago

    Danny Duncan do you know what a comma is

  • chris bogan 1 months ago

    What happened to that horse assface. Cuz i know youtube isnt enough revenue to have a huge animal like that

  • Motocross 14131 10 months ago

    Put that seat belt on. Come on Danny it’s not worth it. One click will save your life.

  • Dan the Vlog Man 9 days ago

    yo don’t use x’s picture like if you’re a fan, but still, have some respect you fuck

  • Random asshole #345 1 months ago

    @Hite5113 great so that's one instance the majority of the time they help

  • Jacob A 9 months ago

    every time you said the horses name vagina I literally died laughing

  • YourDrunkDad 230 13 days ago

    Jacob A same that was some funny shit 😂😂

  • Dylan Cook 8 months ago

    Mans got a hickey on his neck😂. 14:30

  • cringe vlogs  11 days ago

    i know i saw that to

  • Jack Twomey 8 months ago

    This is why chick fil a stays on top

  • Cam Fjell 3 months ago

    Danny: You dont want to work for someone else for your whole life*12 seconds later**DANIEL WORK FOR ME FOR $9.50 AN HOUR*

  • albin mattsson 11 days ago

    would like but its got 69 likes

  • Chad McFly 1 months ago

    I mean he said “whole life”. The kid is barely getting started he’s gonna have to work for someone eventually, point is that you’re suppose to be making moves behind the scenes to ultimately leave and start your own business.

  • kasper jespersenj 10 months ago

    Lost it when the little girl asked for the ponies name!.. haha

  • OnanS 10 months ago


  • You wish you were me 10 months ago

    I hope you found it

  • Eric G 9 months ago

    1k to quit his job 😂😂😂 that's nothing. If you wanted to help your friend out u should have offered him more, or at least got him the laptop & the 1k...

  • Zestooo 11 days ago

    RED_10R rich enough to buy his mom a 400,000 dollar house and a golf course 😂 not to mention an i8 and a tesla and his sister a cheap car

  • Spirittt 3 months ago

    he goat a damn job he prob made so far 8.5k atleast

  • CenTz 10 months ago

    _"Dude, imagine"_ - _Danny Duncan_

  • Suds 10 months ago

    I can just tell by looking at the guy he's gonna spend the money on a gaming computer and not make videos just game all day.

  • KingKippes YT 2 months ago

    Miguel Alverez preach

  • KingKippes YT 2 months ago

    Liam Greene what’s reality is you are a piece of shit