Waffle Batter Prawns - Superb Crispy Deep-Fried Prawns - Crispy Fried Shrimp with a Difference!

  • Published on:  10/20/2018
  • In today's episode we're going to take a novel approach to deep-fried prawns, when we use a classic waffle batter, with few adjustments, and make crispy, golden deep-fried prawns.
    Starting with the batter, place 160g all-purpose flour in a mixing bowl.
    Add 2.5ml salt, 10ml baking powder, 15ml sugar, 5ml each garlic powder, ground ginger and white pepper, 40ml roasted sesame oil, 180ml warm milk and one large egg.
    Whisk these all together until smooth, then put it aside to rest.
    Take out a kilogram of prawns. Snap the heads off and use your scissors to cut the shell up to and including the second last segment.
    Peel away the shell keeping the tail in tact, then remove the vein from the prawns. Continue until all of the prawns are shelled.
    Prawns have a very strong muscle that runs down the length of their belly. To prevent the prawns from from curling up during frying, you need to make shallow incisions through the muscle at each segment of the prawn.
    Back to the batter. In most cases, you will need to thin the batter a little before use. Do this by adding small quantities of milk and whisking it in thoroughly until you achieve a smooth running batter. I normally need to add 30 to 50ml of milk to do this.
    Heat a large pan of oil to 160c.
    Dip the prawns one by one in the batter and carefully lower them into the oil.
    Fry the prawns until crisp and golden. This will take 2 to 3 minutes, turning halfway through yo ensure even browning.
    Use a pair of tongs to remove the prawns as they become ready and drain any excess oil on kitchen paper.
    The prawns are ideal as a starter or main course, served with the accompaniments of your choice.


    1Kg Prawns
    160g All-purpose flour
    2.5ml Salt
    10ml Baking powder
    15ml Sugar
    5ml Garlic powder
    5ml Ground ginger
    5ml White pepper
    180ml Warm milk
    40ml Roasted sesame oil
    1 Egg
    Oil for deep-frying

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