LK Consonant Blend Sound | LK Blend Song and Practice | ABC Phonics Song with Sounds for Children

  • Published on:  3/16/2021
  • This animated phonics song helps children learn the sound of the ending blend LK in English. A blend is a combination of letters where each letter makes its own sound. The sounds of the letters are blended together. Fun characters teach kids two words at a time with the LK sound at the end. Kids will love singing along and watching the action after each group of two words. As they do, they’ll practice making the LK ending blend sound. Developed with speech therapists to form each letter sound correctly. Extra practice reading words with the letter combination LK follows the song.

    LK Blend Song lyrics:

    The letter L makes the sound l-l-l
    and the letter K makes the sound k-k-k
    If we put L and k together at the END of a word, they make the sound: lk-lk-lk

    lk - milk
    milk lk
    lk - silk
    silk lk

    lk - bulk
    bulk lk
    lk - hulk
    hulk lk

    lk - elk
    elk lk
    lk - balk
    balk lk

    lk - buttermilk
    buttermilk lk
    lk - sulk
    sulk lk

    Great job! Now, see if you can read these words before me, or along with me. These words have the letters l-k at the end.

    Ilk … ilk - lk
    bilk … bilk - lk

    Sometimes when l and k are together at the end of a word, the l is silent. That means you do not sound out the l. Read these words with lk at the end that have a silent l:

    talk … talk - lk
    chalk … chalk - lk
    stalk … stalk - lk
    walk … walk - lk
    folk … folk - lk
    yolk … yolk - lk