benny blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez, J Balvin - I Can't Get Enough (Official Music Video)

  • Published on:  3/12/2019
  • "I Can't Get Enough” out now:
    Directed by Jake Schreier

    Executive Producers - Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
    Line Producer - Rogers Marquess
    DP - Pedro Luque
    Set Design / Construction - Willo Perron / Nu California
    Costume - Day Blackmon
    VFX - Arjail
    Color - The Mill / Michael Rossiter

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  • S.S. Sia (Mar 12, 2019)

    I loved how Selena and Benny were being so childishly cute...😘😘😘...

  • Leslie ChAu (May 11, 2019)

    Producer: How big you want the bed?Selena: I can’t get enough

  • Elizangela Mendes (3 hours ago)


  • Neil Doerdan (1 day ago)

    +Rachel Dahlquist I bought mine from Home Bargains (UK) but when they delivered it I couldn't get it through the door...

  • Fun zone (3 days ago)

    I can't get enough- BIG TEDDYI don't care- BIG TEDDYANYONE ELSE?

  • Jiggly Puff (May 11, 2019)

    Ariana:I wanna it I got itSelena:I can't get enough Justin:I don't care

  • Sharika Tasfia (4 hours ago)


  • Aman Ahmad (11 hours ago)


  • Cazie Roses14 (6 days ago)

    This was the most comfortable song ever :) 🤣

  • Asif Feridov (14 hours ago)


  • FABI (1 day ago)

    Hey, check out my cover of "I Can't Get Enough" if you want:)

  • 99% Selena Gomez 1% about song Selena is gorgeous 🥰

  • Wasif Tariq (11 hours ago)

    You should have said 99% about bed😒

  • Director: “So, Selena... how big do you want the bed?”Selena: “Yes”

  • FABI (1 day ago)

    Hey, check out my cover of "I Can't Get Enough" if you want:)

  • Godless Person (3 days ago)

    Bed isnt big. They are tiny.

  • CI A (May 7, 2019)

    Uh This song manI just can’t get enough

  • Sobahn Khan (1 day ago)

    Selena Gomez inspired me to start making Music again - I aspire to make a song with her some day. Mark my words!

  • Lovely Myra (5 hours ago)

    I swear I saw this on ME! by Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie. You said Taylor Swift was your inspiration

  • Shashwat Agarwal (7 hours ago)

    Yes u surely will, dude, if u work hard :)

  • Fiza allahdad (4 days ago)

    Prodecer: _selena... How many comfortable do you want_ ??Selena: *yes*