Egg-less chocolate cake - Cake Without Eggs or Condensed Milk

  • Published on:  6/10/2020
  • At home i usually make my cake with eggs for its rich flavor but you can also make them with out eggs
    very easy recipe to try
    Eggless cake
    1 tsp baking pder
    1/4 tsp soda
    maida 1 cup
    sugar 3/4 cup
    1/2 cup oil
    1/4 cup cocoa pdr
    curd 3/4 cup

    chocolate ganache
    bittersweet chocolate 4 cups)
    heavy cream 1 cup
    chop the chocolate into small pieces. Heat the cream over medium-high heat. Once it comes to a gentle boil, pour it over the chocolate and let sit for a few minutes. Whisk until you reach a smooth consistency.