• Published on:  11/23/2018
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  • SirBanana 7 months ago

    Now Jake Paul can block you from all angles.

  • n o 7 months ago

    I was the 1,000th like

  • jouge 7 months ago

    what if the haters dab back from even more angles?

  • akshat mittal 7 months ago

    It took me so long to realize there’s no such thing as Twitter VR and he’s just good at editing

  • Icedwarf M 4 months ago

    I know because I have psvr

  • Jason R. 5 months ago

    "Good at editing" He looks left and right and up and down simultaneously

  • Phoenix London 7 months ago

    Hell in VR

  • Terah 3 months ago

    you mean no man's sky?

  • TomTom 4 months ago

    We're already in hell what are you talking about

  • Risian 6 months ago

    It took me way too long to realize this was a joke

  • IanProbaly 3 hours ago

    Risian same

  • Pepsi Shibe 2 months ago


  • Redgle 7 months ago

    The madlad actually did it....He brought back gamergod88 Praise the gaming gods!!!

  • Guy Sayfan 5 months ago

    @Emmy Mae may

  • Emmy Mae 5 months ago

    Guy Sayfan yay

  • *I can’t believe they made twitter a real thing*

  • # MyDickStinks 5 months ago

    Why u everywhere

  • Rhettro-ish 6 months ago

    How to properly clean your metal computer i just saw you on a quackity video i think lmao

  • mochiloki 7 months ago

    Imagine all of the awkward dancing that Jack had to do, my gosh.Also the ad is finally not half the video!

  • mochiloki 7 months ago

    (It’s a fifth of the video, give or take)

  • Advaith Bala 7 months ago

    A Phoenix rises from the ashes of Jack’s burnout. This is gold.

  • Q - Tek 6 months ago

    Advaith Bala Dang that really is poetry

  • Kira 6 months ago

    I thought it was real until I noticed his typing 💀💀

  • Kira 6 months ago

    @*R2D2 beeping agressively* peep??

  • Kira same

  • RichChanLikesTacos 6 months ago

    Gamergod88 has returned!*The legend lives*