• Published on:  3/15/2016
  • ANGEL'S FRIENDS | THE MOVIE SUNNY COLLEGE | EN. Angel's Friends - Sunny College is finally here! Check out what happened to Raf and Sulfus between the events of the season 1 and season 2!
    Raf keeps having the dream about hers and Sulfus' wedding, the same she had when both of them were under Reina's spell. As she walks down the aisle, a strong wind shows up, Cox forces her owner to wake up.
    Raf decides to go for a run around the city but abruptely stops when she sees a boy that is quite similar to Sulfus however she soon sees that it's not him but just an angel. The angel asks her mascot why she can't stop thinking about the devil.
    Urie, Dolce and Miki show up and to cheer up their friend they show her a brochure of an Eternal Summer Course at Sunny College on Earth. Raf says she doesn't want to go, Urie and Miki immediately understand what's stopping her from accepting the proposal: Raf is afraid to see Sulfus again. In the end the girls manage to convince her to go, promising her that she won't see Sulfus for sure for the course isn't required and devils never go to things that aren't required.
    In Zolfanello City, Sulfus faces exactly the same problem, Kabalé is trying to convince him to go to the Summer Course but the devil doesn't want to go for the same reason, he doesn't want to see Raf, something that doesn't escape Kabalé who asks him if he is still thinking about the "Blondie" to which the devil denies. Right then Cabiria and Gas show up and the three together manage to convince Sulfus to go as well, convincing him that they won't study for sure.

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