James Corden's Electrifying 2019 Tony Awards Opening Number Salutes The Magic Of Live Broadway

  • Published on:  6/9/2019
  • James Corden celebrated the magic of live shows, with a brief interruption from Bryan Cranston, to open the 2019 Tony Awards. James was joined on stage by the casts of Ain't Too Proud, Tootsie, Oklahoma!, Beetlejuice, The Prom, Hadestown, and Kiss Me, Kate. Watch the 73rd Annual Tony Awards live on the West Coast at 8pm on CBS and CBS All Access, and stream the show on demand with CBS All Access.


  • Khadija Shee 11 days ago

    "Do you want to be a presenter, or an actor, or a singer, or a comedian, or a host, or a dancer, or get into Broadway "James: YES,

  • T C seconds ago

    @Cat Monkey Wait you don't like Broadway shows?

  • Essence Thomas 3 days ago

    @Dennis Dippary didn't say it was his first time hosting....i said its his first time performing live. Btw, are you in a theater group, dobu preform??

  • Rob Klarmann 2 days ago

    James Corden had to work damn hard to get where he is today. This was an exceptional opening! Perhaps he could bring that same fun back to the Academy Awards. :)

  • Bobby Roach 2 days ago

    24,601 shows left on his queue... Les Mis reference!

  • Amir Mullick 2 days ago

    9:38 I stopped. I felt emotional and shed a tear. Your achievements are remarkable. You have worked hard and stayed humble. You are a gem of a human and I am so very happy for you. Great work man.

  • Matt Krath 5 days ago

    The irony is that I'm enjoying this via YouTube 6 days later...

  • Gabrielle FMG 16 hours ago

    lol true

  • Ember Cooke an hour ago

    That was indeed my first thought! XD

  • azeho3536 11 days ago

    Missed opportunity: Bryan running back to his seat and asked “what did i miss?”

  • Alyssa the Beautie an hour ago

    I've been in the girls bathroom meeting a lot of different ladies.

  • Alan Letford 5 days ago


  • Lisa Williams 9 days ago

    I teared up a little when he got the standing O. He did an excellent job!!!❤👏👏

  • Ember Cooke an hour ago

    Color me cynical, but I think it's not a little bit because he was telling *that* audience exactly what they wanted to hear. Of course... I agree with it, so I'd be standing too. ;)

  • localhost 4 days ago

    @Harry Thorpe There is a giant screen/teleprompter on the back wall of the theater. You can see it in a couple of the NPH pieces where he goes into the audience.

  • Luisa Yeomans an hour ago

    James! you are awesome!! *And of course the people in the team behind you are awesome too.

  • Giuseppina Sanger 10 days ago

    Wow, the amount of work that went into his performing that opening number is incredible. He is not only talented, but obviously so hard working and dedicated. Hats off to him!!

  • Warner1929 9 days ago

    James rocked this. It's such an incredible opening. Seeing him close tears and smiling, you can see he poured his heart and soul into this.

  • tapdancerman 2 days ago

    @Essence Thomas Please stop repeating yourself all over the comments.

  • Essence Thomas 3 days ago

    YALL.....One girl told me i had *"low standards"* in the comments for sayin that james was a goood singer....and i said that "i was just complementing him for being a great singer for a late show host and i didnt mean to bother your little *"high"* standards..can u even sing?".......And im just over here thinking like, *BIHH* u can't hate because u prob cant sing ur ABC'S in the right tune...go sit down somewhere.