मुग़लई चिकन लबाबदार || Chicken LababDar || Murgh Lababdar || Chicken Recipes

  • Published on:  5/18/2019
  • Hi, thanks for watching our video about Chicken Lababdar which is very tasty and juicy recipe. So must try this recipe.

    In this video we’ll walk you through:
    Chicken Lababdar


    1 PIECE Black Cardamom ( Badi ilaychi )
    2 TSP Butter ( Makkhan )
    1/2 KG Chicken ( Chicken )
    2 TSP Chopped coriander leaves ( kate hue dhaniya ke patte )
    2 PIECE Chopped green chilli ( kati hui hari mirch )
    1 PIECE Cinnamon ( Dalchini )
    1/2 TSP Coriander powder ( Dhaniya powder )
    1/2 TSP Cumin powder ( Jira powder )
    1 PIECE Finely chopped onion ( Barik kate pyaj )
    1/2 TSP Garam Masala ( Garam masala )
    2 TSP GInger-Garlic paste ( Adrak aur Lehsun ka paste )
    2 PIECE Green cardamom ( Hari ilaychi )
    2 TSP Kashmiri red chilli powder ( Kashmirir lal mirch powder )
    1 TSP Kasuri methi ( Kasuri methi )
    2 PIECE Mace ( Javitri )
    2 TSP Salt ( Namak )
    1/4 TSP sugar ( Shakkar )
    2 PIECE Tomato ( Tamatar )
    1/2 TSP Turmeric powder ( Haldi powder )
    3 TSP Vegetable oil ( Tel )
    2 TSP Casshew paste ( Kaju ka paste )

    Step 1: cook

    Heat oil in a pan. Add all dry spices and fry for 10-15 sec. Now add onion and cook till golden brown. After that add ginger garlic paste and some water and cook for 10-20 sec. Now add all spices, mix it and add 2 big size tomato puree and pinch of sugar and mix well. Cook it for 5-6 min till oil seperate. After that add chicken and cook it in high flame for 5-6 min. Now add salt, green chilli and some water. stir it. cover it and cook for 15 min.

    Step 2: Make a paste

    After that take out all chicken pieces and transfer gravy into grinding jar and grind it and make a fine pase.

    Step 3: cook

    Heat 1 tsp oil. Add ginger garlic paste and cook in high flame for few sec. Now add gravy paste. add water in jar and mix it and add in the gravy. Add red chilli powder, some salt, garam masala, kasuri methi, cashew paste, butter, coriander leaves and mix well. Now add chicken pieces and mix well. Cover it and just cook for 2 min.

    Step 4: Serve

    Garnish with kasuri methi and serve.


    0:00 Intro
    0:22 Cook chicken
    5:36 Make a paste
    5:50 Cook Chicken
    8:16 Garnish

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