Kirk Jay Astounds Again with "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice 2018 Knockouts

  • Published on:  11/5/2018
  • Team Blake's Kirk Jay performs "In Case You Didn't Know" in The Voice Knockouts.
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    Kirk Jay Astounds Again with "In Case You Didn't Know" - The Voice 2018 Knockouts

    The Voice


  • Ziva Samuel
    Ziva Samuel 46 minutes ago

    In case you didn't know, I fell in love all over again! I have this song on repeat when I am not at work but still humming while I am. 💑

  • mzasib
    mzasib an hour ago

    He’s my fav!!! I’m buying his Cd!!

  • fatema waggeh
    fatema waggeh 2 hours ago

    My heartt 😍😍

  • Marce Velazquez
    Marce Velazquez 2 hours ago

    the best presentation in this season, until now. Hard to get over.

  • Johnnie Vorabouth
    Johnnie Vorabouth 2 hours ago

    In case you didn't know... that was pretty darn amazing!!!!!

  • Mimi Zee
    Mimi Zee 2 hours ago

    Wow blessed man

  • Gandung Krisma Justitia


  • Rhijenn Cornito
    Rhijenn Cornito 3 hours ago

    not a country music fan but i think i will be now as long as this guy sings it

  • 12pled
    12pled 4 hours ago

    I can see this guy bridging the gap between mainstream top hits and country music.
    Hes got the swagger to put out some bangers with top hip hop/pop artists.

  • Sage Mchottie
    Sage Mchottie 4 hours ago

    Honestly, I wanted team J.Hud to win this year, but then comes along superstar Kirk and I want him to win. He’s really working hard, he never disappoints and the guy just can’t sing. I love Kimberly, Mackenzie and Kennedy, but Kennedy can come back again, Kirk needs this now, he deserves it.

  • Benjamin Hlithapi
    Benjamin Hlithapi 10 hours ago+4

    Half of the views are by me. I also like seeing the other contestant behind him singing along and supporting him..blessed his heart.

  • Keith Richard
    Keith Richard 10 hours ago+1

    Made me buy the original

  • Hari Watson
    Hari Watson 10 hours ago+2

    Wow. I don't even like country music - but he is amazing, and this is beautiful! <3

  • Valerie Molinari
    Valerie Molinari 11 hours ago+1

    This man is making me like country music! Every time he sings I feel it! uff

  • LiaNroger Laurez
    LiaNroger Laurez 11 hours ago+2

    J saying tell her gave it to much more meaning lol

  • Alina Rosen
    Alina Rosen 12 hours ago+1

    I can't stop listening, and I can't think of another artist in the history of this show who can express emotion with so much richness in their voice...this is new territory

  • Yaminda Davis
    Yaminda Davis 13 hours ago+1

    Just found my new addiction...can’t stop replaying!!!! Simply emotional and just the BOMB🔥🌟✨⚡️

  • metroPCGaming1213
    metroPCGaming1213 13 hours ago+1

    Beautiful, just utterly Perfect 👌🏼

  • iHeartPandas 7
    iHeartPandas 7 13 hours ago+1

    This performance is flawless and beautiful the only thing that ruins it is Jennifer’s loud mouth and her comments that arents needed or wanted someone cut her mic or tell her to stfu

  • Marcia Weller
    Marcia Weller 14 hours ago+1