BEST EVER Golgappa Eating Challenge | Delhi Street Food | Bengali Food | Challenge Accepted #24

  • Published on:  8/10/2018
  • Golgappas (or pani puri / puchkas) are the ultimate street food in Delhi! In this episode, our Delhi boys – Rohit & Abhishek - head to the Bengali street food haven, CR Park, to have a golgappa challenge with each other! Who won this time? Watch on to know!

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    More about CR Park markets & golgappas:
    CR Park is a mini Kolkata in Delhi. From fish markets to Bengali restaurants, you get everything here that too at affordable prices. Puchkas, or golgappas, are one of the most common street food found here in the markets.

    Talking about street food, golgappas will definitely make it to your list. Golgappas too have a variety of their own. You call it Pani puri in Maharashtra, Puchka in Kolkata, Gupchup in Bihar and Pani Ke Patashe in Haryana. They all look similar but are different! Although golgappas and pani puris look the same to naked eye, there are a lot of differences between the two. For starters, golgappas is mostly served in northern India, especially Delhi, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. On the other hand, pani puris are available only in western India comprising of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa. However, the basic and the most prominent difference is that golgappas are served with a filling made of mashed potatoes, while pani puris is filled with ragda or hot white chickpeas curry.

    So, when are you heading here with your street food loving friends to take on this awesome golgappa challenge?

    Address: Market no.1, CR Park, New Delhi - 110019

    More about Challenge Accepted:
    Rohit & Abhishek are 2 Delhi dudes who are big time foodies & office buddies. They love to explore different food spots in the city & challenge each other in fun (but difficult) food challenges. These funny food challenges are a test to see who makes it to the end and who messes up (literally!). And they really, really hate that painful punishment right in the end. BUT, when such food challenges come their way, there’s only one thing they say: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! That’s the beauty of an EatTreat Food Challenge!

    We, at EatTreat, love a good food challenge. Be it catching food with our mouths or eating a whole watermelon without using hands. Or even making Ranbir Kapoor guess Mumbai street food, we’ve done it all. If it’s funny, it’ll be on EatTreat’s Challenge Accepted.

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