HW News - AMD "Zen 3+," Silent NVIDIA Changes, "10GHz" DDR5, Intel Goes to Mars

  • Published on:  5/1/2021
  • In the news this week: Nvidia tries again to thwart mining, Intel goes to Mars, Microsoft 1337 update hits gaming performance, DDR5 is rolling ahead and has 10GHz plans ahead.
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    00:00 - Recapping the Week
    01:01 - ETH Moves Off Mining, NV Mining Limit (Again)
    05:21 - About That AMD ‘Warhol’ Rumor
    07:00 - DDR5 10,000MHz Future Goals
    09:46 - NASA’s Mars Lander Using Intel’s Atom CPUs
    11:54 - Microsoft Addresses Recent Win10 Updates
    13:08 - Linux Foundation on the Uni. of Minnesota Ban
    15:55 - AMD Q1’2021 Financial Results
    17:59 - Chia Crypto Already Hitting Storage Prices
    20:10 - GDC 2021 State of the Industry Report
    23:18 - Cloudflare Versus Patent Trolls, Round Two
    25:15 - Google Stadia & Microsoft on PC Gaming

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    Host, Additional Reporting: Steve Burke
    Editorial, Writing: Eric Hamilton
    Video: Keegan Gallick