This Is What It's Really Like To Work As A Disney Princess

  • Published on:  4/10/2019
  • When you’re a kid, it might look like it's great fun to work at a Disney park. However, the truth of the matter is that it’s often quite difficult. Even the employees who get to play the beloved Disney princesses have it tough. While they thankfully don’t have to walk around wearing a big Donald Duck head, they still work very hard.

    For example, these actors must stay in character at all times and might even take voice lessons to make sure they sound exactly right. From the ridiculously selective audition process to the ways in which they handle creepy park guests, let’s take a look at what it’s really like to work as a Disney princess.

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    Tough audition process | 0:00
    Size matters | 1:19
    Picture perfect princess | 2:10
    Bring on the tears | 3:12
    "Princess school" is a thing | 3:53
    Weird rules | 4:37
    Brush up on your improv | 5:21
    Be prepared for creeps | 6:11
    First comes fur | 6:51
    Bad reputation | 7:56
    Jumping from character to character | 9:04
    Vocal training is a must | 10:04

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