LaVar Ball setting up LiAngelo and LaMelo for failure in Lithuania? | The Jump | ESPN

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
  • Adrian Wojnarowski and Chiney Ogwumike detail what’s in store for LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball overseas in Lithuania.

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  • Moses Messiah
    Moses Messiah 8 months ago

    Melo been playing with ppl older stronger than him his whole life

  • Abraham Hernandez
    Abraham Hernandez 9 months ago

    I hate this thot Rachel and the fat fuck

  • Crispy Cream
    Crispy Cream 9 months ago

    I wonder if lavar ever ask his kids. How they feeling.. what do they want in life.. questions a caring loving dad would ask you feel me. Not just tell em I'm the daddy I know what's best yall better listen. #pizzawithnocheese ain't that bad.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 9 months ago

    Lamelo is going to get that twig frame of his destroyed by the physicality of other players. LiAngelo might be alright though.

  • larry brown
    larry brown 9 months ago

    they'll be back likely by march , let alone the summer , however i wish them luck as it ain't an easy world in sports . Melo may get offers from G League but i fear for Gelo . Rosetta stone !

  • J·s·7 Phîlã*3
    J·s·7 Phîlã*3 9 months ago+1

    "$ell tickets"!!..? tha arena capacity=1700!!!! I,u,it,wht,y,..just speechlss!!

  • Jigga Man
    Jigga Man 9 months ago

    This is so interesting...

  • L. Adams
    L. Adams 9 months ago+1

    Bruh this dude is just hatin smh. In Europe all the good young players start pro at about 16... and he says no developing in Lithuania? Like they’re not gonna put in work

  • Still I Rise4485
    Still I Rise4485 9 months ago

    What a beautiful, black Princess 😍

  • Evil Twin
    Evil Twin 9 months ago

    Gonna be good for Lamelo. He’s playing against grown men who are better than the competitors he’d face in high school.

  • Arvin Bakhtiar
    Arvin Bakhtiar 9 months ago

    If you think they are going to fail why do keep talking about them...funny...

  • Lakers Proved The Haters Wrong

    It doesnt matter how big is the city they're going to play against good and experienced teams with some young talents and veterans that played for lithuanian national team so no you're wrong espn you should do a research about lithuanian basketball

  • Jose Saleem
    Jose Saleem 9 months ago

    This is a family matter now ....nobody knows what will be the outcome

  • Articuno 333
    Articuno 333 9 months ago

    Melo should go to the euro league next year (if he does good)

  • airhawaii23
    airhawaii23 9 months ago


  • Justin Malone
    Justin Malone 9 months ago

    Couldve skipped all aau shit and hired a full time nba trainer for both of them in the summer. Let them do they thang in the states and Melo wouldve been a lottery pick after 1 yr in college and Gelo wouldve gottwn drafted after about 3 or 4.

  • NOTtrumpsupporter Mhm
    NOTtrumpsupporter Mhm 9 months ago

    Big ballsack brand is a joke and seeing these comments with little 15
    Year old boys defending lavars decisions it's hilarious , some of u kids need to watch the NBA and stop with this lavar ballsack brand , and watch real basketball players not this reality show kardashian ish shit show , No 16 year old should get taken out of
    Highschool to go to Lithuania and stupid lavar is telling us that was the plan all along OH really it's not the fact that liangelo stole in china got benched at ucla daddy took him off team and now forces lamello to leave highschool if u dumb kids say that homeschooling in Lithuania is the same education as highschool in the U.S ur stupid as lavar is

  • osok2462
    osok2462 9 months ago

    Seriously may they go and play ball and with any luck they won't come back.

  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson 9 months ago

    I hope it goes well for them and ESPN has to eat their words!
    Players used to go from HS to the NBA at 17-18 years old and I’m gonna guess the NBA is more physical league.
    And lastly, ESPN is just helping BBB to get bigger from all this coverage. They hate on them, but exposure is exposure!

  • insight001
    insight001 9 months ago

    This is exactly why Trump is trying to shut down the media! The title is a disgrace!