Let’s Exchange Innovation Talk Webinar Unveil Efficiency and Growth: Buildings of the Future

  • Published on:  6/23/2021
  • With investments in smart cities predicted to hit $203 billion by 2024, the need for digital smart buildings will reach new heights.

    Are you ready to offer the latest digital solutions and face the challenge of meeting the market demand for urbanization, while driving sustainability targets and uninterrupted business growth?

    Watch this webinar to hear the industry experts discuss how Buildings of the Future coupled with our open business platform, Exchange, can be a game changer for your operational efficiency and business growth.

    Our panel of experts:
    •Damien Dhellemmes – SVP Digital Energy Commercial, Schneider Electric
    •Laurent Bataille – EVP Digital Energy, Schneider Electric
    •Jason Heindel – Solution Architect, AZZO
    •Darren Lovelock – Managing Director – Lloret Control Systems Ltd

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