I Got Rejected By Victoria's Secret | How To Learn From Failure

  • Published on:  11/19/2017
  • Hi loves,

    I decided to be open and share one of my professional failures to show you how I learned to deal with them and grow from it! This is obviously not about Victoria’s secret- it’s about learning how to be confident, kind to yourself and wiser. Sometimes we are our own enemy- as I was in this specific case! We are 100% responsible for our own happiness and progress!

    When I talk about these subjects of self love and learning to embrace yourself and become the best version of yourself- it all comes from different experiences I had both professionally and personally that taught me a thing or two about falling and getting back up.
    I hope this story of mine with getting rejected by victoria's secret will teach you a thing or two and hopefully you'll learn that failure depends on how you view life, the lessons you take from it and how you come back after!

    Lots of love,

    IG @valerialipovetsky