Say My Name -【Genderbent Cover ft Sedgeie】

  • Published on:  10/12/2019
  • Hi everyone!! today is the day! a new video! woohoo! I have been really dry on Halloween song covers for the past little while, so thank goodness sedgeie was here to save the day this time! this fantastic gal suggested this collab and boy am I so glad she did!! Please give a round of applause to this fantastic vocalist and artist!! let's hop into credits!!

    Art was also by the fantastic, marvelous, incredible Sedgeie!! Please go subscribe to her YouTube Channel following this link:

    instrumental was posted by: That Musicianist on YouTube! please go support this incredible instrumental following this link:

    HUGE THANK YOU to the incredible Sedgeie for not only suggesting this collab, but also letting me post it on my channel! It is always such an honour to work with her and I am so excited to once again feature this lovely lady on my channel!! Once again, please go support this fantastic gal:

    I sang as Lydia! Beetlejuice was done by Sedgeie!
    Mastering, and editing were all done by me!

    That is all for today! if you liked the video, please consider liking and subscribing, but you don't have to! I hope to see you all next week!

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