【DEX】Jason Mraz - I'm Yours【VOCALOID4 Cover】

  • Published on:  10/19/2016
  • EDIT:

    You can download the vsqx here :
    [This vsqx file sounds much better if you plug and play with DEX. But if you want to use it with other English voicebanks you might have to edit the phonemes and also the DYN parameter. I guess you no need to bother the Trill R effect but for the Vocal Fry effect, you probably need to experiment with other parameters as well. The rest of the parameters are up to you if you want to make it sing like the way you want especially the PIT parameter. Take your time to edit the vsqx and I'm sorry if it's being too complicated or messy. ]

    Sorry for the long inactivity lately. ha ha
    Now I'm back with a new cover song by DEX which is originally by Jason Mraz.

    I used a plugin called Graillon by Auburn Sounds to make him growl much better(psst.. cuz his growl is quite awkward..sorry..)

    I'm also planning to use DAINA soon.

    Anyways, this is my first time using Adobe After Effects. So, yeah.. I'm still a newbie. lel xp
    Vsqx and illustration done by me. Feel free to drop a comment and thanks for watching!

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