12 SCARIEST Creatures Faced By Divers!

  • Published on:  3/1/2020
  • From enormous and bizarre colonies that we still don’t really understand, to tiny, harmless critters that can actually kill you, here are 12 amazing and creepy creatures faced by divers!

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    12. Barracuda
    Found throughout the Atlantic and parts of the Pacific, Barracuda are some of the largest and most ferocious ocean predators. There are 28 known species, some of which can grow to up to 65 inches long, and all of which have a streamlined body and the characteristic fang like teeth.

    11. Ocean Sunfish
    The ocean sunfish, also known as the mola mola, is one of the heaviest bony fish in the world! They can weigh up to 2.5 tons (2.26 tonne) which is 5000 pounds!! and measure 11-feet long (3.3 m)! Its flattened body is often as tall as it is long and if it comes towards you head on, you might not even see it, but when it turns to the side, bam! That is one gigantic fish!

    10. Oceanic Whitetip Shark
    Of the approximately 440 different species of shark, there are some that are known for being particularly dangerous towards people, but it might surprise you to know that the shark you should watch out for the most might not be the Great White, but instead, the Oceanic Whitetip Shark. Famed underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau said they were easily the ones to be most cautious of, and they're responsible for more human deaths than any other.

    9. Giant Pyrosome
    The Giant Pyrosome is a free-floating, bizarre biological entity. It’s made up of thousands of cloned organisms called zooids and make practically no sense. They are cone or cylinder-shaped colonies that float around in the upper layers of warm seas and can be up to 60 feet long. Each zooid is surrounded by a gelatinous substance that joins everybody.

    8. Scorpion Fish
    The name Scorpion Fish is an umbrella term used to refer to hundreds of fish species, each of which have extremely powerful venom that can be very dangerous to divers who encounter them. Most commonly found in the Indo-Pacific, the most famous is the lionfish that, because of their appearance, have become popular in aquariums around the world.

    7. Sea Wasp
    Chironex fleckeri, more commonly known as the Sea Wasp, is generally regarded as the most venomous species of jellyfish in the world. With tentacles of up to 10 feet, long, they are covered in millions of cnidocytes which inject microscopic venomous darts into anything they touch. A sting from one of these on a human can lead to death within 5 minutes, and each jelly contains enough venom to kill 60 people.

    6. Stingray
    Stingrays are some of the most majestic creatures in the ocean and seemingly fly through the water. They're known for being extremely gentle, and are popular for people to swim with… but can pose a real threat if you're not careful.

    5. Flower Urchins
    If you’ve ever been swimming near a reef, chances are that you’ve seen an urchin nestled within the coral. There are more than 200 different species of them, in all shapes and sizes, but the most dangerous of all are Flower Urchins.

    4. Stone Fish
    Stonefish are another venomous species of fish that live in tropical Indo-Pacific waters and are even more dangerous because of their ability to camouflage into the seabed. They can be found in shallow waters throughout the region, and are bottom dwellers that wait for their prey to pass by before they strike.

    3. Cone Snail
    On the surface, they may not look too dangerous, but the more than 500 different species of Cone Snails are often said, in the diving community, to be one of the deadliest animals in the ocean.

    2. Blue-Ringed Octopus
    These beautiful creatures are blue-ringed octopuses, but as with most things in the animal kingdom, their vivid colors warn of a deadly surprise. They're found in the warmer waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans and can be easily recognized by their blue and black rings that will change color when they feel in danger.

    1. Sea Snakes
    If you see a snake in the water, you’ll want to treat it just like you do on land… stay as far away as possible! Divers often encounter them while swimming around reefs, and they must be treated with a great deal of caution. They tend to have more flattened bodies and tails than land snakes, and this means they are very good swimmers, which combined with their inquisitive nature means that they can approach you far quicker than you expect.