California Sea Otter Fund

  • Published on:  4/9/2021
  • 🚨 Attention California Taxpayers 🚨 Did you know sea otters are more than just cute? They are incredibly valuable to California’s entire coastal ecosystem, but their small population is struggling to make a comeback. You can help support research, rescue and recovery of sea otters by donating to the California Sea Otter Fund on your California state tax return!

    It’s easy and makes a huge difference. If you are using tax-prep software, make sure to look for line 410 under the Voluntary Contributions tab on your California Income Tax Form 540. If you are having someone else prepare your taxes, simply let them know you want to donate to the California Sea Otter Fund. Even a $5 donation will make an impact. Your support goes directly to sea otter research and conservation efforts here in California.

    Sea otters are an iconic species, representing the beauty and diversity along California’s coastline. They are also an important indicator of ocean health and are considered a sentinel species because their well-being reflects that of California’s coastal waters. If you love sea otters, kelp forests, and California’s coastline and want to help protect them, please consider donating!