Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

  • Published on:  12/2/2018
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    The new OverPowered line of gaming PC's from Walmart got slammed by other reviewers. While they do not sell these in Canada, we went down to US and got one to see for ourselves.

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  • Sam Rooker
    Sam Rooker seconds ago

    I'm confused, where's Luke?

  • lance reid
    lance reid 9 minutes ago

    This case is cheap
    It's either a
    or a

  • Ken Pearson
    Ken Pearson 20 minutes ago

    >Walmart has the game on SSD
    >Omen has it on HDD
    >"...but that doesn't affect gaming performance."
    Does... does Linus actually know how applications and games work?

  • Moonlight Shine
    Moonlight Shine 40 minutes ago

    The only thing I like about it is the Walmart case itself the rest inside with all the red flags is complete crap.😷

  • Daniel Mathis
    Daniel Mathis 44 minutes ago

    Just do your research and go on and DIY it. Trust me,you'll get a way better PC.

  • Sebastian Wardana
    Sebastian Wardana 44 minutes ago

    Compliments going to the cable management... wow, just wow!

  • Duckbait
    Duckbait 44 minutes ago

    Why is he raging?

  • Sebastian Wardana
    Sebastian Wardana 46 minutes ago

    You know i think there are a lot of people who would be just fine if not even dare say it happy with this product! You know some parents still do their job and dont spoil their kids!

  • -Alucard-
    -Alucard- 48 minutes ago

    "It's called a Folder!!" xD

  • Griff
    Griff 58 minutes ago

    Didn't bitwit have the same issue with the GPU not being plugged in?

  • nonya business
    nonya business 58 minutes ago

    Walmarts ok, PC just fucking sucks in general, who plays video games on a fucking computer anyway? Dumb asses.

  • Mike2Raw
    Mike2Raw an hour ago

    Just get an Ibuypower or an Omen. Almost everything else is trash.

  • Slaxin
    Slaxin an hour ago

    you gotta be selective, i have a walmart OMEN gaming pc and goddamn this thing is amazing, i7 7700 8th gen 16gb ram 256gb solid state and 1tb harddrive gtx10708gb works pretty damn good just shit cooling imo 2 fans and a oem cooler

  • marlton mason
    marlton mason an hour ago

    Bro is this a comparison or a pick apart, smh SHUT UP ALREADY LINUS

  • Gyanendra Maurya
    Gyanendra Maurya an hour ago

    Linus made his mind before any test.

  • 善膜师
    善膜师 2 hours ago+1

    Do you know that many corsair's power supplies are actually made by Great Wall?Like SF600 Platinum,TX750M etc

  • Alexander Ivanov
    Alexander Ivanov 3 hours ago

    4:52 LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! ty, Linus! :)

  • Stando
    Stando 3 hours ago


  • iiPhixThingz
    iiPhixThingz 3 hours ago

    Anyone know the price of this OP pc?

  • Meowium99
    Meowium99 3 hours ago

    12:22 I guess I'll stick my hands into the fan.