Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

  • Published on:  12/2/2018
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  • Glad ._. TM
    Glad ._. TM 8 months ago+6666

    This is one weird cooking show episode but ok

  • GreenPawWolf
    GreenPawWolf 3 months ago+2571

    what the hell who needs performance and stability if you have RGB?

  • Sum Due
    Sum Due 7 days ago+385

    I have 0 idea wtf they're talking about but I watch these damn videos anyway

  • boye er
    boye er 2 months ago+1019

    i bet walmart worked on the lighting for the fans more than the PC itself

  • Have-a- Cigar
    Have-a- Cigar 4 months ago+480

    Building your own pc is the most satisfying thing on the plant

  • hamdi ezio
    hamdi ezio 4 months ago+417

    this dude is like gordon ramsey … but for PCs

  • Ashura
    Ashura 2 months ago+231

    Rgb is what we all need
    I installed rgb on my old home pc
    Now it runs pubg on ultra 60fps

  • HuHu_ Gaming
    HuHu_ Gaming 3 months ago+867

    3:15 goes out of the Video
    3:20 comes back with the PC lol
    Thanks for 500 likes
    Its my record :)

  • Angus Hilliker
    Angus Hilliker 2 days ago+9

    Who needs a Walmart PC when you can have a Tesco meal deal PC - made from real HD Onen Majic rip off!

  • Sunfire789
    Sunfire789 8 months ago+1887

    easy to tell that those Verge guys found new jobs.

  • M C
    M C 2 months ago+231

    14:00 power supply - trump edition
    "Great Wall"
    Trump will like it.

  • Clear Chap
    Clear Chap 2 days ago+9

    For 1400$ you could build a pc that has a really good motherboard a good cpu a good graphics card ect

  • Calis Deathh
    Calis Deathh 3 months ago+92

    $1400 us for .. 86fps? Yeah nah I’m good bro

  • NoahMaynardTV
    NoahMaynardTV 2 days ago+9

    If you see this message God bless

  • Zebrify
    Zebrify 8 months ago+1105

    The graphics card was unplugged in bitwits video too.

  • 10 Billion Subs - 1 Sh*t video

    rgb is like the old turbo button on a 90s pc.

  • Justin Orlando
    Justin Orlando 14 days ago+25

    8:55 Angry Linus; iTs CaLLEd A fOlDeR
    types keys for no reason in anger
    easily best part

  • Fosty
    Fosty 4 months ago+62

    In the thumbnail his face doesn't match the reflection of his face.

  • Martin Stam
    Martin Stam 3 months ago+34

    "Why was this glued, but this wasn't?!?"
    Imagine some frustrated engineer somewhere, that was ordered to save on glue.. :P

  • 5kypro
    5kypro 5 months ago+3188

    Linus Ramsay: Computer Nightmares