• Published on:  8/25/2015
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  • Madiz 6 months ago

    Who else has called their teacher mom

  • TunaCan TM yesterday

    i almost called my teacher grandma

  • Matthew Estrada yesterday

    ​@Ńæüfæ žøø me

  • Wicks ! 6 months ago

    0:34 Did anyone catch Shane's notebook drawing...

  • Mikeyrb 2007 2 days ago


  • Frostboy X 5 days ago


  • 0:05 that's a nice idea why won't my teachers try that idea?

  • DanGamer 4 days ago

    Its a referemce from the film "O captain My Captain!" That was taken out of a book, written by Walt Whitman, u should watch it lol

  • JonasK 9 months ago

    *Im so happy you stayed after class bobby ;)*My parents are throwing up a surprise 18 party*Wait ur 18*Yeah*u disgust me*

  • Bob Screenview 3 days ago

    Boi is she into going to Jail

  • Hailey the Cat 9 months ago

    0:45 on the whiteboard it says repeat this sentence -Youre beautiful... its true

  • biggreenleaf 3 hours ago

    Not for me

  • liliya the blue loli 2 months ago

    I sell replay buttons.2:53The button cost 1 likes

  • Master NER D 1 months ago


  • SWUFFER POV 6 months ago

    1:03 Hadn’t seen Stevie in a long time.

  • Costea Brailean 4 days ago

    @Paul Zheng yeah sure,its obvious that its stevie

  • Paul Zheng 4 days ago

    Costea Brailean damn that man aged

  • Whoa, that opening fall looked like it hurt - hope they had a cushion to catch him!

  • HomieSeaDragon 1 months ago

    It was super upsetting to watch, because if I had a teacher like that I wouldent treat him that way

  • Natic Galaxy 2 months ago

    I imagine someone inserting a slow mo oof into it 😂😂😂 I'm sorry

  • GuestyPlayz 5 months ago

    2:52 why was this one tooooo funny!😂😂

  • Lah Le-Marquand  3 months ago

    Look at Kieth

  • Game Lover11 2 months ago

    2:48 Courtneys like mm nope!! 😂