Super Cleaning My Volvo C30

  • Published on:  3/23/2020
  • Super Cleaning My Volvo C30

    So my little Volvo C30 hasn't had a good clean for months now, and a combination of the great British weather and the local gritters have left the paintwork in a terrible state. I took to YouTube to 'learn' the best method for cleaning a car thoroughly and restoring the paintwork.

    I came across this video by @Chrisfix over in America

    Where he goes through a complete process and brought his car up to near concours standards. It's a great tutorial and I'd encourage you to watch it and follow him should you want a more thorough insight on car care.

    I had most of the necessary materials lying around however I had to purchase the snow-foam lance and the wheel flukes.The whole process, touch less wash, touch wash (2 bucket method), paint renovation, polish took me approximately 3 hours in total however the end result is a sparkling clean Volvo that's only needed one light spray with water since to return it to new. Hopefully the wax layer will protect it for the rest of the winter. I learned a few things along the way - I missed out the Clay bar step in the 'Chrisfix' method - This was a mistake - I would definitely recommend getting claybar's if your car is as dirty as mine as some of the contaminants are really impacted into the paint and its the only way to safely remove them. Also the flukes / soap and water won't remove impacted brake dust from the alloy wheels - You will need to get alloy wheel cleaner on them first - I have rectified this since with my own car.

    Note - This footage was filmed before the recent Corona Virus pandemic.

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